Cos'è la Saggezza Inconscia nel genere umano?

I didn’t expect to have the ability to simplify Carl Jung’s complex process of dream interpretation, but I was able to because I had been guided by the che produce le nostre fantasie.

Guida inconscia intelligente

Jung ha scoperto che il nostro sono fatte da Dio, ma lui credeva che la mente celeste inconscia fosse solo un fantastico consigliere per noi. Dovremmo prendere le nostre decisioni in base alla nostra coscienza. Non sono d'accordo con le ultime conclusioni di Jung perché non poteva vedere tutte le assurdità della mente umana con la visione che aveva. D'altra parte, non poteva percepire la santità inconscia.

I found that all mental disorders are generated from the wild side of our conscience, the anti-conscience, which did not evolve like our . I concluded that we must obey the intelligent unconscious guidance rather than doing what our idiotic and dumb conscience desires. Our conscience is too weak before the enormous absurd content we’ve inherited into our anti-conscience, which is our crude conscience, and gives us a crazy personality.

Cos'è l'anti-coscienza?

The anti-conscience is absurd, wicked, selfish, cruel, indifferent, violent, and immoral; a real demon. It keeps invading our individual conscience and trying to control our behaviour. If you would like perfect mental health based on intellect you need to get rid of your anti-conscience through . You can’t kill the negative content you’ve inherited into the biggest aspect of your brain as it’s part of yourself. You must transform this satanic content to positive content which will belong to your conscience, and for that reason, will be aware. This means you’ll have the opportunity to use all your , which goes wasted since it belongs to a anti-conscience. This unknown content will be a part of the conscious field, and help you become more intelligent.

This discovery is quite important and will alter the route of humankind. Now we know the way to put an end to all mental disorders, as well as how to prevent mental disorders. The new generations won’t ever have to confront a in their own lives. They’ll stick to the unconscious guidance while they’re still young, and they still have a solid human conscience.

Coscienza e saggezza umana

The anti-conscience manages to ruin different portions of our conscience once we have traumatic experiences and deceptions in . In this circumstance, we readily accept its absurd suggestions. They appear to help us resolve our problems, while they will actually lead us to distress, frustration, and . Our human conscience thinks that the absurd ideas of our anti-conscience are smart ways to give us many advantages, though we must disrespect everything and everyone. The anti-conscience makes us think that we must be quite selfish. This is the way it makes us fall into its lands.

Now we understand how to block the destructive action of our harmful anti-conscience. I simplified and finished Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation everybody has the opportunity to clearly comprehend the in dreams and prevent their anti-conscience’s traps, without making expensive mistakes. The subconscious mind is a psychotherapist who helps you locate sound mental health and wisdom.

Wisdom is sensitivity and sensibility in precisely the identical . Wisdom is goodness, forgiveness, and . Your sanity is guarded by the perfection of your own personality. Your actual begins when you eliminate your animal side and you discover all of the choices you have in life. After removing your harmful anti-conscience you feel relieved. You’re always strong and self-confident since you control your behaviour. You also know how to prepare your future how you would like, the way to read people’s thoughts, and far more.

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