Cos'è lo stress ossidativo?

Do you believe in the devil? Do you feel that the devil will do anything to gain mastery over your lifetime? Once again I do! I’ve just finished reading”Outwitting the Devil” by Napolean Hill. Wow, what an eye-opener. The devil is coerced into honest confession by Hill to tell us how he works and what methods he uses to take charge of your mind.

Il diavolo

To put it simply the devil’s important way of gaining control over your thoughts is by getting you to stop thinking for yourself. Definiteness of purpose is the main mindset you can have to win in the struggle to keep your own control. What role does oxidative stress play in this fight against the devil? I have not seen science as we understand it explore the realms of the devil and the brain, but I have seen the link between what the devil claims he does to some mind and what science has discovered can fail with the mind.

I love PubMed, it’s a website that’s full of answers. What I have found is that oxidative stress is a killer, it is everywhere and it affects everybody. I conclude from my quest of oxidative stress and the brain that oxidative stress makes an extremely hard-to-think-clearly environment. PubMed and you’ll find more research than you can read. What impact does our fast-paced Earth, the typical American diet, poor excellent produce and increased anxiety levels have on oxidative stress? They all increase that, right? And as your cognitive stress levels increase, your body’s ability to look after itself decreases.

Tenete a mente

Sono sicuro che avete sentito parlare della connessione mente-corpo. Quello che succede nel corpo è rappresentato nella mente e quello che succede nella mente è riflesso dal corpo. Quando lo stress ossidativo aumenta nel corpo, il corpo riunisce tutte le sue risorse per vincere lo stress ossidativo e a causa di questo, il tuo corpo non ha più la forza d'animo o le difese disponibili per mantenersi sano. Questo è uno stress totale nel vostro corpo dall'interno verso l'esterno.

Who can think clearly when their body is under duress? Nobody. Even if you believe you are thinking clearly, think again. My husband thought he was a really clear thinker before he did something about his oxidative stress levels. The moment he lowered them, his believing cleared and he could not believe he believed his thinking was apparent when compared to what it currently is. The devil loves to use our own believing against us. That’s why he has encouraged the farmers to use so many chemicals, the physicians to utilize so many medications, and the food chain to use”fast” food as a way of keeping us under his control.

God is on your side though! He’s given you clear instructions about the best way best to conquer the devil at his own game. By following God’s advice as laid out in his Love Letters for you, you’ve got the ideal way of becoming healthy of mind, body, and soul. What’s His advice? Avoid unclean meat and enjoy completely plenty of vegetables and fruits, herbs, seeds & nuts.


Drinking tons of good clean water will not hurt either; as I’m certain you already know.  Did you know that oxidative stress is linked to 400-600 distinct ailments of the human body? In His great concern for maintaining the health of the people of the planet, including you,


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