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No Time For Stress Management? You know you’re stressed. You’re getting more forgetful. You’re beginning to find it harder and harder to focus on any particular task. Your wells of patience are running dry and if one more person indicates you ought to take up yoga or have some time out for meditation you’re only going to scream! Yeah, I know.

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So what if I gave you three stress management techniques you could take with you everywhere. To college, in the car, at the office. What’s more, what if I could show you the way you can quickly regain control without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and the brain fog that often follows. Would that interest you? Focused, controlled breathing can be done anywhere, anytime those feelings of overwhelm, panic and anxiety raise their ugly heads.

For those just starting out the simplest technique is to inhale through the nose for a slow count of four and then exhale through the nose to the count of four. Just repeat the rhythm until you feel rested. You’ll be surprised by the effectiveness of the technique. Another effective way to get you settled and focused for a significant occasion is stomach breathing. A good deal people breathe very shallowly, barely filling our lungs.

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To ensure we’re breathing to full capacity and supplying our mind (and each cell in our body) with vitalising oxygen we ought to practice belly breathing for at least ten minutes per day. Place one hand on the top portion of your belly. Now take a large deep breath in through your nose, making sure that your stomach rises beneath your hands and then slowly exhale. The slower and deeper you can breathe the greater. Initially aim for eight to ten deep breathes per minute for ten minutes. Do this daily. You’ll be happy you made the attempt.

We can not function properly if we are dehydrated. The thing is, under times of stress we’re more likely to become dehydrated as our heart and respiration rates rise and we forget to eat and drink. It can be a viscous cycle, anxiety can lead to dehydration, and as our body and importantly our brain needs water to perform at peak level, dehydration may lead to stress. Drinking enough water throughout the day also flushes toxins from the body and can make you feel refreshed.

So how are you going to remember to drink enough water? Carry a stainless steel or glass container of water with you in the car and at work. Make a conscious effort to consume small amounts every day. Lemon essential oil provides numerous health benefits and can easily be carried in the bag, pocket or bag which makes it easily accessible in many situations. Essential oils are extremely helpful in the management of anxiety, mood and sleep. Experience has demonstrated that inhalation and topical program are the two most efficient methods when addressing stress with essential oils.

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There are a lot of essential oils which lend themselves to handling stress and anxiety. The choice of the very best oil or blend of oils is based primarily on the person and the reason for the stress. Once the right oil or blend was identified and implemented it goes to work speedily and stress relief could be felt within minutes. So how can you use essential oils? There are a lot of quick and easy procedures. Let’s discuss inhalation first. You may put a drop or two of essential oil from the corner of a handkerchief or tissue, and then simply hold the substance to your nose and inhale deeply as needed.

This is the ideal way for when you are on the go. It is also possible to simply inhale the oil straight from the bottle or put a few drops in an Aromatherapy diffuser and fill the space with wonderful aromas. Topically, you can apply a drop of oil over your heart, in your temples, across your forehead, along the back of your neck, in your wrists and even on the soles of your feet. There are lots of essential oils which are highly effective in managing stress.


The most common are lavender, bergamot, orange, lime, lemon, chamomile, frankincense and melissa. I would strongly encourage you to experiment with these strong, natural gifts. I’ve presented you with three fast, natural, affordable and transportable stress management procedures. You can concentrate on your breathing, have a drink of water and inhale apply a vital oil almost everywhere, without interfering with your hectic schedule. Yes, effective stress management is possible even if you’re on the move!


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