Quali sono le cause dell'acne?

is every adolescent’s worst night mare. This acne knows when to look and ruin probably the best moments of a teenager’s .

Cos'è l'acne?

In this article I would like to go over about what acne is, what are the causes and how to deal with it. Acne () is only a skin condition that occurs because of the result of overproduction of and sebum by the secretary glands within the epidermis. This oil production is a standard mechanism that’s secreted in order to lubricate your skin. When the introduction of the glands that secrete this oil becomes blocked, the oil is trapped giving rise to acne commonly called . These pimples at times may get infected by leading to painful skin lesions. The acne may manifest itself in several forms such as the comedones, the whiteheads, the black heads, the pimples or in the kind of pustules. This skin will occur in areas where there is excess of petroleum production such as the , the chest & the trunk.

Cause dell'acne

The specific cause of acne isn’t actually known. However many theories have been put forward which explain why teens are the most frequent age group once the acne starts to manifest. One of the theory states that because of changes in the amount of hormones in the starts to appear. During the body undergoes many changes, a great deal of hormones are secreted into the body by different glands. These hormones are of as the principal cause of acne. The male hormone secreted from the adrenal gland is regarded as the prime cause for acne. This hormone is essential for various physiological changes. This hormone also stimulates increased secretion of sebum and oil by the glands within the epidermis.

If the opening of these glands is blocked then the secretion begins to accumulate in the gland. This offers an opportunity for the bacteria to grow inside the receptor and after the acne is ruptured the bacteria begins spreading to other regions causing in different glands. Depending on the degree of skin disease acne can be categorized into papule and pustule, if the disease occurs close to the skin surface it’s usually called pustule, if the occurs in the deeper layer of skin then it’s called as papule. If the disease occurs throughput the skin layer then it is called a .

Furthermore the acne can be blackhead or white head based on the colour of the opening. If the oil secretion has pent up for quite a long then it destroys melanization leading to blackhead. If the pimple head has a little opining through which some of oil can escape then it turns into a whitehead.


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