Come evitare che la muffa minacci la tua salute?

As healthy as you may believe you are, you can not hide from the health impacts of chronic mold exposure. Though some may quarrel with this statement, there is without a doubt, sufficient overwhelming information from several professionals in the field of environmental medicine coupled with peer reviewed medical literature, and stories from mold victims, to demand action.


It is that activity! If you’re smart, you will do your part to make certain that mold doesn’t have an opportunity to grow, thrive, proliferate, or create deadly volatile organic chemicals or toxins in your house that can cause permanent harm from chronic exposure. This is a statement that actually should go without saying, but so long as there is controversy within causal connection between allergies and mold, households chronically affected by mould are left to fend for themselves, they hit road block after road block related to responses, and are left to cover many out of pocket expenses in look for anything that will help them regain health after an exposure.

All the while, insurance programs don’t recognize environmental condition or advocate for your child if he/she is now sensitized to his/her surroundings, causing acute allergies/sensitivities. And this is just the start. As compounded insult, if elevated levels of mold spores are identified in your house, appropriate remediation also invites controversial debate because there are no government guidelines which dictate how professionals clean it up to have the ability to guarantee your house is safe to return to.

Tenete a mente

You will find recommendations to follow, but nothing guarantees the job gets done. For many, the controversy brings way to disbelief and lack of activity, when in actuality, ACTION is what everyone has to do in order to avoid mold growing out of control in your house or workplace. There’s much information online that addresses the health impacts associated with mould. Several sites which are recommended for viewing are the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other helpful information is available by download from the American Academy of Pediatrics entitled, “Spectrum of Noninfectious Health Effects from Molds.” Mold prefers to attack the elderly, immune compromised and the young. You may draw your own conclusions about health impacts; however, do not be caught off guard in your house if water or moisture intrusions become issues. Also, don’t be caught off guard by hidden mould and a weak immune system.

Essere consapevoli

Unfortunately, even a powerful immune system may not fair well against chronic exposure and high levels of spores or mycotoxins made by deadly molds such as Stachybotrys, Fusarium, Aspergillus, and Penicillium. To protect against the possibility that mold becomes a nightmare for you or your loved ones, control moisture and control water intrusion. It’s that easy! For many who have been “damaged” by undetected molds, and actually there are many, the “heed my warning” just is not enough.

To prevent mold growth, you need to control water and moisture intrusion. Buy a moisture meter and use it. Control humidity in your residence. Regularly put in your attic space, particularly during rainstorms and search for obvious leaks. Fix those leaks once they’re identified. If you suspect water intrusion from leaks, do not waste time speculating.

Check into it

All it takes to get a spore to start to grow is 24 to 48 hours of moisture and it spreads. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t require a continual supply of water. It thrives off of a small bit of moisture on wood, drywall, cement or perhaps the moisture from the atmosphere over the shower. Education on mould is the key to preventing harm. Being proactive is also the crucial; cope with water and moisture intrusion given the potential for injury. Don’t panic if you discover mold. There are molds that aren’t as harmful as others.

Stachybotrys, also called black toxic mold isn’t common in houses, but it generates some of the worst toxins known to humanity. Other nations have isolated the toxins out of this specific mould and used them as a biological weapon. If you discover mold, understand how to clean this up so that you include the contamination and spread.

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