Come lavorano insieme il tuo corpo e le tue emozioni?

Nowadays, it appears many people have an ever-increasing fascination with turning our bodies into paragons of sculpted beauty. In the main, this is fine but how many people keep in mind it may be equally important to develop a good mental outlook on all things? Chances are, not many, and that is a shame as for a truth, in health, your body and feelings work together.

Mental health and physical wellbeing

How many people have heard the old expression “Free your mind and your body will follow”? Besides being slightly reminiscent of something which may have been stated at a Grateful Dead concert, it is also highly telling in its own essential truthfulness. An increasing number of studies of the body and the brain are showing an increasingly-obvious connection between mental health and physical wellbeing. If you don’t feel that this kind of relationship is as important as what’s being implied here, you just need to appear at how many individuals have reported real bodily illness after periods of depression or simply feeling “the blues.”

The amount is statistically relevant, since it is a real phenomenon. How we feel on any given day – but more importantly, how we feel over time – can affect how effectively our bodies function in any given moment. As an illustration of the above, know that lots of people out there report being tired or even exhausted during periods when they have very little taste for their routine activities, or after they have experienced a life-changing event like the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or the experience of a divorce, to use a few examples.

On the flip side, a lot of individuals also report feelings of bodily well-being as well as improvements in physical performance – like those actions involving sex or athletic contest – when they are emotionally on top of things. How many have awoken after a fantastic night’s sleep feeling mentally sharp and ready to go on the attack? The solution would need to be that more than a few individuals have experienced such feelings. This is the reason the mind-body link and its proper maintenance are so significant.

Physical stress reliever

Several studies have demonstrated that positive mental outlook may cause the creation of certain substances in the body and brain which help to relieve physical stress as well as the damage that results from such anxieties. Poor mental outlook, on the other hand, has also been shown to have a part in the creation of a potentially harmful compound called cortisol. Like every other material produced within our own bodies, cortisol is present for a reason. However, too much of it generated too frequently – like when we find ourselves constantly under stress or strain – can have harmful side effects, these being weight gain that has no connection to the number of calories we take in.

Additionally, stress helps to create the elimination from the body of free radicals – believe of oxidation, or rust, of the body due to these chemicals – all the tougher to do. Over time, a lot of episodes of excessive free radicalization can lead the body to react in negative ways, such as developing or experiencing damage to coronary artery or an elevated risk for cardiovascular disease and other serious ailments. This makes us experience diseases like erectile dysfunction that only brings us down more, emotionally.

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