Conosci questi miti sull'acne?

There have been a variety of myths surrounding the origin and cure for acne. Rather than providing quality information to make life simpler for people who suffer with the illness, they have only served to make matters worse. If you suffer from acne, you’re better off studying the truth and avoid the myths to treat your acne in an efficient way.


  • May severely damage your skin. One common myth which surrounds acne is that acne is caused by poor hygiene. This is extremely misleading, person will wash their skin hard in a bid to wash their skin an rid themselves of acne. This may also have a diverse effect on skin; hard scrubbing can irritate your acne even more and allow you to have dry skin. Clearly, washing your face more is not likely to change things. What do matter are the sorts of products you use, how frequently you use them, and what sort of skin you have.
  • Another myth that’s extremely popular is the sun can cure your acne. While you do get vitamin D from sunlight, long exposure can seriously damage your skin. The radiation from sunlight can cause your skin to dry out and become reddish. In reality your skin will become over tan and begin to flake off. This will lead to inadequate blockage and can lead to future issues. My recommendation, stay out of sunlight because spending too long in sunlight in hopes it will fix your problems is not going to do you much good. 3: This is the most popular myth right now.

It’s that food has no influence on your acne. This is the furthest thing from the truth, while there’s no direct connection between acne and food there are a number of foods that can aggravate your acne. Take such as vegetable oil, regular ingestion will lead to hormonal imbalance that’s one of the significant contributing factors that leads to acne.


With that said, it is wise to your own healthy meals if you would like to eliminate your acne. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, there are several other acne myths that can lead you a ramble if you follow them. The point of the matter is that you ought to steer clear of these common myths if you really want to treat your acne. Especially those that make little sense when you consider them, as though you see that they probably are not accurate, then they probably are not.


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