Depressione, come si può migliorare?

How can you go from grief to hope again? If you suffer from depression, then you may know how hard it’s to obtain enthusiasm for your life in the world. Life does not seem to have meaning and you’re just drifting aimlessly. There’s absolutely no divine wind to fill your sails. You’re stuck in the doldrums.

Cosa fare?

How is it feasible to get moving from a terrible situation like this? Depression that’s not a symptom of an underlying or chronic physical disorder has much to do with how you interpret the world around you and how you frequently think or react to your experiences and surroundings. You might be tired and drained by the seemingly endless demands and necessities of the modern information era.

You need to be the best, have the most and put on a mask of perfection to be able to succeed. Your life should be like the ads you see and read. Always smiling, always beautiful and in full control. Wake up, those ads aren’t real. They’re supposed to sell more goods, to not be a genuine reflection of life. The earth and its varied creatures aren’t yet transformed by enlightenment and wisdom. There’s a lot of darkness in our minds and hearts that has to be changed by divine conscience and mild. So is it possible to overcome the darkness of depression? Anything is possible when given sufficient power and management until success is reached.


Depression is not any different. Many individuals have moved from bad depression to a better life. However, many don’t make it. They concentrate on making sense and purpose of their own lives and take their own life. People of just about all ages sometimes decide to give up entirely and refuse their will to live by committing suicide. Do they find the peace and healing they need on the opposite side of the veil? Some do, but many find that they’re still in the outer darkness of depression.

And of course the damage suicide cases may cause friends and loved ones. So suicide is a really risky solution to depression. So as to leave the darkness of melancholy, you want to understand and see in which direction you need to move to find your way ahead. Finding a strong purpose in life could be difficult for a depressed person who’ve lost interest in her life. I know from experience what a continuous struggle it is. It appears that the only thing you’re left with is your weak will to live, but even a weak will can be trained and made more powerful by utilizing it. Therefore, if you give up hope you need to wait till you’re calmer and then take up hope.

The struggle!

It’s really hard to beat someone who doesn’t give up hope. This is because the light of hope is kept aflame in someone’s chest and the darkness can’t extinguish it. Only the individual who carries the light can extinguish it. Survival training teaches your will to live is your first and foremost requirement. Second on the list is understanding. Educate yourself about the causes, symptoms and various therapies available to you. Take responsibility for your own physical and mental health. Third and last on the list is the survival kit. This may be things like depression medication, psychotherapy, hypnosis recordings, meditation, deep breathing, uplifting books and much more.


So you might see that without using your will to live, wisdom and depression treatments lose their power to actually help you. How can you help yourself and get better? Be ready to endure and accept responsibility for your own wellbeing. If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will either. Friends, family members, physicians and therapists can only get you so far in life. You’re the person that needs to animate yourself. Remember that the light knows no darkness, just as the darkness doesn’t wish to be aware of the light. Go towards the light, in this life and the afterlife.


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