Ci sono rimedi ayurvedici per dormire bene?

To some people, a solid night’s sleep turns out to be a distant dream, staring at the ceiling with their eyes wide-open and this goes on and on daily. You’re not alone in the system. To preserve good health, the National Sleep Foundation recommends an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night.

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However, current research indicates that a typical person sleeps for only 4 to 5 hours each night while about 10 to 15 percent of people are suffering from insomnia. This has been associated with some negative effects such as heart disease, weight gain, immunity reduction, and diabetes on the general health of the victims.

A poor sleeping pattern causes unhappiness, loss of body weight and strength, erectile dysfunction, low libido, loss of memory and reduced immunity. A fantastic sleeping routine enhances happiness, increases body strength and resistance, boosts sexual function and libido, improves memory and intelligence. Many victims have spent so much on sleep enhancement drugs, but nevertheless they aren’t getting it right when it comes to achieving the desired effects.


However, this content has been put together to indicate some natural and ayurvedic home remedies that are at your disposal to induce a great night’s sleep. Let’s look to them one after another. Ayurvedic Physicians recommend following remedies to get decent sleep. Drinking hot soups of vegetables or meat with less spices helps to get decent sleep.

Massaging your entire body and head with warm pure sesame oil and a excellent hot water tub make you to get good night sleep. Instilling pure hot castor oil drops to eyes and ears are the other procedures that help to induce sound sleep. Hugging the loved ones and recalling the happy moments is a ideal remedy for insomnia. A excellent sexual intercourse is the best treatment for Insomnia or sleeplessness. Apart from these the following remedies help to resist sleeplessness.

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People don’t believe they can find the very best result of having a wonderful rest without investing in sleeping aid alcohol or supplements daily. Make your bedroom your bedroomThe bedroom is described as a place where one chooses remainder. If you would like a fantastic sleep, your bedroom is anticipated to be well conducive to its goal. Ensure your bedroom is set in place to condition your mind and body to sleep.

Your bedroom should not be a place to erect your T.V. These things not just take your time and keep you awake, but they’re robbing you of your eligible comfort. Your bedroom shouldn’t be your second office in which you finish your everyday office work. These electronics and actions in the bedroom make your bedroom a stress zone, and it can’t aid one to sleep as it’s needed. That you want a great sleep every night, T.V., computer, reading table, and other relevant elements must proceed, to make your bedroom a bedroom.

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  • Exercise: Another home remedy to rapidly lure you to great sleep is exercise. Indulge in regular exercise, and you’ll experience a better break. Regular exercise benefits that you not just to help you sleep better but also help you gain more energy for next day actions. This is true because regular exercise was found to improve better sleep, leading to more energy when you wake up. However, exercise during the day has been proven to be the finest in achieving a better outcome of sleep.
  • Backward logical counting: If you put your head but find it tough to fall asleep, try logical-count system. It’s been shown to work. The principle of backward counting is extremely straightforward. Try to count down from 600 in several nine. You will find that this is a mathematical task and slightly complex off-hand. This task compels your mind to divert your attention from your worries and can help you focus on something different. This might seem strange but try it.
  • Use Acupuncture: The use of acupuncture as a home remedy to get a fantastic sleep cannot be over-emphasized one of the Chinese and it’s found its way in the world of today. Acupuncture is one of the oldest key components for curing practices used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). Its working principle is promised to stimulate certain points to control the life force or energy balance by widening channels called meridians in the human body that blocked whenever anxiety intensifies and contracts vessels. However, the thin needles on acupuncture, when in use, open up these close-off stations to activate your brain to acknowledge it is time to go to bed and have a break. This also stimulates the release of neuro-endocrine compound like melatonin or tryptophan that will assist you fall and have a fantastic sound sleep.
  • Warm bath: Taking a warm bath before going to bed is just another terrific natural home remedy for great sleep. Sinking yourself in a hot bath tub to wash the day anxieties from the body makes you feel relieved and washed in addition to reducing the warmth of your body to have to good sleep. With an addition of your favorite lavender, you’re ensured of getting an aromatherapy rest during the night.
  • Sip some beverage: Having a cup of beverage can go a long way in assisting you to fall and remain asleep. However, taking alcohol isn’t the ideal solution to fall asleep as some people thought. Alcohol was found to help keep you awake when your system absorbs the intoxicating substance in the suitable content. However, sipping a glass of hot milk will provide you what you desire. The sleeping inducing amino acid tryptophan in the milk was claimed to assist your falling asleep. Try to keep it warm as individuals see the heat calming and relaxing to assist them relaxed both emotionally and physically. Add this routine to your journal of home remedies to have a fantastic sleep.
  • Practice Meditation and Yoga: Select an simple yoga routine that does not need much power to extend your body right on your bed. This is merely to energize you in place of acupuncture. Take some time to meditate and free your mind of any kind of thoughts of what’s happened throughout the day. After this, close your eyes for 6 to 9 nine minutes without paying attention to anything except your breathing.


The above home remedies for a healthy sleep are proven to be natural and won’t cost you anything to achieve in the comfort of your residence. It hasn’t reached the degree of endorsing every pharmacy around you to have a fantastic sleep. Everything you will need to do to get the ideal outcome is right there at your disposal. Try them and come back here to tell me the results. In my next articles, I will be discussing many other health issues to make certain you live healthy lifestyles.

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