Pianeti del sistema solare in fila, pioggia di asteroidi, cometa, sole, polvere e stella. Anello luminoso gigante. Sfondo scientifico ed educativo. Elementi di questa immagine forniti dalla NASA./urls:https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/resources/678/our-solar-system-artists-concept/https://images.nasa.gov/details-PIA16610.htmlhttps://images-assets.nasa.gov/image/PIA06939/PIA06939~orig.jpghttps://images.nasa.gov/details-PIA06939.html

Sei in perfetto allineamento con l'universo?

How Do You Know When You’re in Perfect Alignment Or Function With the Universe and Environment? I am always doing research on individual performance, and attempting to discover the key principles which determine our capacity to carry out mentally, physically on earth. There are countless theories, diets, research that all discuss the key to optimum health, or the key to fitness, brain function, etc, etc..

Tenete a mente

But when it actually boils down to it there are countless factors involved in the grand scheme of things and it’s impossible to say that there’s absolutely 1 solution for living the best way possible. When it comes to human performance I think it comes down to mild. Light is regarded as the quickest quantifiable thing known at the moment. The creation of everything in our world is a process of switching waves . Immaterial to material. Which means that lighting is perfection. Anything that deters from mild is imperfect.

To be in harmony with mild is to be perfect and to get a perfect consciousness/perfect health. So what variables in the body and the brain allow for ideal conversion of light to power? Immaterial to material? We know that if cells within the body are phosphorylized they could more easily convert light to energy. Quantum physics is becoming more of a factor than in the analysis of human performance. If you can imagine it this way. We’re biological systems in a field”the area being the surroundings”. Quantum physics boils down to two systems. Our biology and the surrounding area. Each system impacts the other. Our biology effects the area, and the field effects our biology. The field consists of tiny wave particles which vibrate at various frequencies. Similarly our biology is made up of trillions of waves .

Biologia perfetta

Quindi, se la consideri in questo modo, cos'è una biologia perfetta? È una che non è compromessa, una che scorre liberamente con l'area circostante. Inoltre, una grande struttura biologica non solo fluisce liberamente con l'area, ma provoca effettivamente un cambiamento nell'area. La struttura biologica non solo risponde e si adatta alla zona. Funziona anche al contrario! Quindi cosa significa esattamente? Significa, per esempio, che qualcuno può spostare un albero con il pensiero, o far piovere.

There’s a whole lot of work to be carried out in the area of quantum physics, and a great deal of room for advancement that’s extremely exciting and very promising. You’re about to find the sure shot ways to MANIFEST ANYTHING you want. What you are going to read on the following page will save you years of unnecessary time .