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Esistono soluzioni semplici per l'acne?

All sort of scars are actually injuries which our bodies will need to fight. The acne disease is another injury which also has to be treated. Most of us understand that our immune system struggles to repair affected cells within our body. So as to fight acne our body creates more white blood cells.

Buono a sapersi

Quando sono stati generati più globuli bianchi, l'acne è automaticamente guarita, ma ci rimangono comunque delle cicatrici da acne che sono estremamente antiestetiche. Nessuno sarà mai in grado di avere la pelle liscia e pulita come prima perché le cicatrici saranno sempre lì. Ci sono un paio di modi per far sparire le cicatrici da acne, quindi continuate a leggere per scoprire come eliminare le cicatrici da acne in modo da avere un viso molto più chiaro e tonico ancora una volta.

Tipi di acne

The main types of acne scars. Everyone has a different opinion about acne. Additionally, there are several myths that you should avoid into falling to think. Provided that there are numerous kinds of acne, each person will create different sort of scars. Some individuals will have little scars but other can have big scars all over their face even if they have the same sort of acne. The increased tissue formation has a propensity to form a certain kind of scar while the reduction of tissue will form another sort of scars.


Keloids scars: When our body forms fibroblasts, they have a propensity to make more collagen which will lead to more scar tissues that are normally called keloids or keloid scars.

C'è un altro tipo di cicatrice che è meno comune - la cicatrice ipertrofica che viene da una parola latina che significa crescita eccessiva. Le cicatrici cheloidi sono il tipo più antiestetico di cicatrici da acne, ma ci sono modi per eliminarle.

Depressed Scars. There are four kinds of depressed scars; macular, soft scars, ice pick scars and depressed fibrotic scars that are the most frequent amongst the depressed acne scars. Our body produces more white cells to be able to defend the dermis. In this case there may be caused a reduction of collagen that gives rise to profound or depression.

Trattamento della cicatrice dell'acne

The easiest method to eliminate acne scars is by visiting your dermatologist. This is the most crucial step, your physician will tell you the precise remedy for acne scars that is the most acceptable for you. The costs for treating acne scars are rather high in many countries but there are numerous products which are quite affordable. Some therapies may be somewhat more expensive but they are usually far more effective than creams and lotions that won’t offer any fabulous results. Some of the most common remedies for acne scars that have proven effective on the long run would be the laser treatments, dermabransion, collagen therapy, skin surgeries, skin care and micro derma-brasion. The toughest sort of acne scar to treat is the keloids scar that may be treated using specific procedures like injecting steroids.