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Ci sono trattamenti casalinghi sicuri per l'acne?

Home remedies for acne are becoming more popular. Homeopathy and Ayurveda are becoming increasingly popular among sufferers. There are many home remedies that can be easily integrated into your daily life to treat pimples or acne. Some home remedies may require you to change your lifestyle. It is important to eat foods with a low glycemicindex.

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  • High glycemic foods such as pastas, white bread, and potatoes can lead to more severe acne. Your acne can be reduced by eating low GI breakfast cereals such as oats and barley, wholegrain, fruits and legumes, as well as wholegrains, legumes, baked beans, and soya.
  • You can use nutmeg and un-boiled milk to treat acne. It can make it disappear in a matter of days. Mix the nutmeg with one teaspoon of milk. Apply it to any areas you have acne. It will dry your acne in one day if left overnight.
  • Honey mixed with cinnamon powder is one of the most effective home remedies for acne. To achieve permanent results, this application must be done for at least 2 weeks. Apply a little honey and a pinch of cinnamon to your acne before you go to bed. It can be washed off with warm water the next morning. You can also use a mixture of cinnamon and lemon powder to treat sensitive skin. Leave it on overnight.
  • Use a paste of fenugreek leaves to your acne for approximately 10-15 minutes before you go to bed. Make sure to wash off the paste with warm water. This will prevent any new acne from forming and will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy.
  • You can mix turmeric powder with mint juice if you have it. You should be aware that although turmeric can make your skin look a little pale, it has long-lasting effects. Boil 50gm of blackberry, strawberry, and raspberry leaves in 1.5Litres of water. It can be used to soothe itchy skin. You can also apply a natural paste made of yoghurt, fine oatmeal, and let it dry. Once dry, wash the skin with lukewarm water.
  • You can also get rid of acne by applying the pulp of ripe tomatoes to your skin. For those with sensitive skin, home remedies for acne that contain tomatoes, limes, oranges, and other citric substances are not recommended. People may be allergic to foods such as papaya, eggs or garlic. Before you try any home remedies, it is worth testing a small patch of skin.