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Esistono rimedi efficaci contro la micosi delle unghie?

Nail fungus remedies are the best way to get rid of it. This treatment makes the skin less susceptible to fungus infection. This treatment raises the pH level of skin so that the fungus can’t get into the nails. It contains water at 2 quarts, 1 c vinegar and a few drops of lilac oil. It increases the pH level of skin.

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The above ingredients should be dipped in the basin for approximately 15 minutes per day. Mixing the ingredients in a wrong way can make the treatment less effective. Tea tree oil can be used in place of vinegar. It also produces excellent results. After the water has soaked, dry the area with a towel. Use the hair dryer to heat the skin.

These fungus infections tend to accumulate in the darkest and most moist areas of your skin. ACV is the best remedy for nail fungus. This powerful antifungal agent acts as an antiseptic for the fungi. Mix the extract with 2 ounces water. Apply the mixture to infected areas with the cotton. This extract should be applied at least twice daily.

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Iodine has been the standard agent to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi since ancient times. It is as easy as eating candy. Simply apply the iodine to the affected areas. Allow it to react with the fungi for a while. However, iodine can cause your clothes and bed to become stained. You can cover the affected areas with a cotton cloth.

We recommend that you consult your doctor before using iodine to treat nail fungus. Iodine can cause both positive and negative reactions. It can also cause thyroid problems. This oil is the best anti-microbial agent to kill fungi. This oil has a high concentration, which can cause skin irritation. Mix it with some aloe vera gel if irritation persists for a long time. To get the oil into the nails, use a tip. It can be mixed with the natural solvent to penetrate the nails easily. It will take longer to cure than other nail fungus treatments.


Keep your chin up and keep your fingers crossed that you get the results you desire. There are many other remedies for nail fungus, including medications under a doctor and lamisil tablets and lamisil creams. You can also apply vicks vapourub, hydrogen peroxide, and Leucatin. The treatment of the infection can be done with both home and natural remedies.