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Is There A Good Home Remedy For Back Acne?

Acne can be a skin infection that appears anywhere on the skin. If the skin conditions are right, acne will usually appear. Acne is most common on the face but can also occur on your neck, back, and neck. The most bothersome type of acne is back acne.


It can be difficult to treat the pimples on your stomach. There are simple home remedies that can quickly and effectively get rid of your back acne. Here are some easy ways to treat back acne.

  • In a clean bowl, combine tomato juice with fullers Earth and fresh mint leaf juice. Add some yogurts to the mixture. You have two options: either hire someone to apply it to your back or use a long spoon to apply it daily. You can rinse it with warm water after it has dried. Tomato juice is mild acid and will help to break down excess oil in your skin. Yogurt is a good home remedy because it contains lactobacilli, which help to control the spread of bacteria in your skin.
  • Mix a handful of coarsely ground rice with one or two lemon juices. You can use it to gently rub your back acne. Wrap it in a thin strip made of linen so it can be applied easily to your back. The linen should be held at both ends. Next, move it up and downwards on your back to the affected area. You should be gentle and not use too much force when moving the linen. This treatment will help you get rid of dead cells and oily skin. It will also keep your skin from becoming more acne-prone.


These home remedies can also be used to treat your back acne. You may also want to change the clothes you wear. Cotton materials should not be too close to your skin. Avoid wearing synthetic or rough clothes as they can irritate your skin and make it uncomfortable. Use mild soaps for your bath. This simple remedy will help you see improvement in your skin.