Variety of sweeteners - Stevia, sugar, pollen and honey

Is Honey Better Than Stevia?

Raw honey is the best way to start any type of honey. It is the best honey for nutritional purposes. However, it can take on a different appearance once it has been removed from its container. Raw honey is unadulterated and has never been altered in any way. This is how all honey begins.


It has no nutritional value and should be avoided. It is not always possible to buy raw honey from a local honeybeekeeper. However, there are many farmers markets where it can be bought. It is possible to buy raw honey from local beekeepers, but it is not always possible. So how can you get it? And which one should you purchase if you shop or shop for it? They can appear very different.

Sometimes, the bee-keeper may have strained the honey to remove any pollen or Propolis particles to make it clearer. These beneficial ingredients are likely to be found in raw honey, which is the best way to purchase it and eat it. This shouldn’t deter you. If you find sediment in the jar, it is best to contact a local bee-keeper immediately.

Good to know

It is very likely that raw honey will change in appearance once it has been removed from the honeycomb frame. The once golden, runny liquid can often turn into something cloudy and hard. It may not look as runny or golden anymore. There are exceptions. The higher the fructose content, the more likely it is to stay runny. These are not necessarily the best. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of raw honey to get a better understanding.

Some honeys will crystallize, giving off an almost damp sugar effect. It is normal and not to be concerned. This is because it has a higher glucose to fructose ratio. This honey is the best for spreading. Some honey producers label others as whipped or creamed. To a runnier honey, a little crystallized honey can be added and whipped together. This honey is preferred by many people.

Final note

The raw honey made mostly from a single source of nectar is called mono-floral, single variety, or artisanal. Multi-floral honey is the honey that you will find on shop shelves. This honey will also be known to be wildflower because honey bees can collect nectar from many different plants and flowers. You should be careful to look for honey that is 100% pure honey. Honey is not always sweet to the taste. There are many honey types, and most of them can be sweet. One honey variety that isn’t sweet is Strawberry Tree Honey. Strawberry Tree Honey. You would think this would taste like sweet ripe strawberries, judging from its name. This raw honey variety is made of nectar from flowers that resemble strawberries, but tastes bitter and smoky.