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This what you should spread around about Coinbase.

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This has gone on for two years.  
 I am so happy I stopped investing in Coinbase the last time I was licky enough to get in.

Today I'm attempting to gain access to my account. I've tried nearly twenty times to gain entry but is says it doesn't see I'm on the same browser. I'm using Tor, my email is pulled up on this browser, I have java script enabled, I copy and paste the confirmation into a new tab. It appears YOU are preventing me from clearing out my crypto from you location. That is the only logical solution there could be.

And by the way, I don't expect a reply to this concers anytime soon or not at all. THAT'S how you operate. I WILL spread this lack of signing in, your lack of support, and your sly way of attempting me to stay a customer through the endless attempts to sign in. THIS will go world wide.

Good luck

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