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Truth and facts

  • ShipChain is a decentralized supply chain and logistics.
  • Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain, from the moment a shipment leaves the factory, to the final delivery on the customer's doorstep; federated in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts. This is ShipChain.
  • The ShipChain platform is based on a simple, yet powerful solution called "Track and Trace".
  • ShipChain ecosystem will encompass all methods of freight, and will include an open API architecture that can integrate with existing freight management software..


  • Slogan: Shipping reimagined.
  • Slogan: Disrupting transportation and logistics on the blockchain
  • ShipChain (SHIP) is based in Los Angeles, CA, United States.


  • The official ticker symbol for ShipChain token: SHIP
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 500 million SHIP
  • Transactions on the blockchain for freight shipments will be paid using ShipChain ERC20 SHIP Token, and settled in tokens. The ShipChain Web platform will allow users to pay either directly in tokens they hold, or purchase tokens from ShipChain for booking freight (accepting USD, EUR or cryptocurrency payment for accessibility and ease of use).


  • ICO on Jan 2018.
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • ICO price: 1 SHIP = $0.34 USD

Video Playlist

ShipChain ICO Overview - Decentralized Supply Chain and Logistics

00:00 It's January 3rd, 2018, and on this episode of the crypto coin show, I'll overview the ShipChain ICO, a project disrupting the transport and logistics industry on the blockchain.
00:08 Their vision is to have a fully integrated system spanning the entire supply chain from leaving the factory to the finished product at your doorstep by using trustless, transparent blockchain contracts, and they aim to become the future system of freight and shipping.
00:23 I'm Ashton Addison from event chain dot IO and this is the crypto coin show, where I decrypt the facts to keep you on track in the crypto world.
00:34 Logistics and transportation literally make the world go round, and currently it is one of the most important industries keeping the economies of the world together.
00:43 The industry is expected to grow more than fifteen trillion dollars American by 2023.
00:51 And right now, 10% of USA's GDP comes from freight and logistics.
00:54 There are a lot of things wrong with the current logistics industry.
00:59 Tracking products across carriers and different modes of transportation is poor and there's approximately 30 billion dollars worth of stolen product which happens along the supply chain each year.
01:09 As well, middlemen and brokers act as gatekeepers in the industry and take large portions of income for just facilitating the transactions.
01:19 ShipChain is a fully integrated tracking and transaction system which spans and unifies the entire supply chain using trustless transparent blockchain contracts.
01:28 The end-to-end contract system allows products to be tracked across the entire supply chain and between all carriers easily.
01:37 In the system, operators are rewarded for efficient transportation routes and delivering goods on time and theft is reduced by having a better tracking system that is more transparent throughout the supply chain.
01:48 With underlying block chains peer-to-peer transactions across the supply chain, brokers can be eliminated and remove intermediary transaction fees.
01:56 Every step of the supply chain process is documented and recorded on the main blockchain or in detailed side chains, creating full transparency and immutability of business transactions.
02:08 These side chains track individual encrypted geographic waypoints across each smart contract and they're only accessible by the parties involved in that specific shipment, giving shippers wider visibility across their own supply chains for better communication but privacy from others not privy to that information.
02:28 When shipments are ordered, a smart contract is initiated and includes a hash some signature of the delivery information for shipping, with all of the data possible for that product and its path down the supply chain.
02:41 Optionally, the data can be encrypted and stored on side chains for more specific point by point and piece wise package tracking, essentially creating a more detailed digital Bill of Lading.
02:52 Blockchain transactions will be paid and settled using SHIP tokens.
02:57 And if they don't have ship tokens on demand, they can buy them through ShipChain.
03:01 Ownership of ship tokens grants access to the blockchain for both the purpose of tracking shipments and booking Freight for business.
03:10 Up to 20 percent of the token value of a freight transaction in SHIP tokens will be given to the drivers or carriers along the chain as gamified incentives for safe and timely deliveries, and as an incentive aligner for all parties in the supply chain to keep business efficient.
03:27 The ShipChain project is backed by their team.
03:30 CEO, John monarch, is also the founder of direct outbound, one of the largest fulfillment companies in southeast USA and is familiar with logistics in all aspects and types of distribution channels.
03:43 CTO, Lee Bailey, is a full-stack developer, blockchain consultant and entrepreneur who has built distributed processing systems and analytical tool sets for many platforms including a high-speed crypto currency trading platform.
03:57 CMO, Brian Evans, is an Inc 500 entrepreneur and has spent 15 years in online advertising, helping multiple top 10 apps acquire millions of users and he was also ranked as a top influencer by Forbes.
04:12 Sam razani, is the chief revenue officer who's worked alongside brands like Sony, fender, virgin and Visa, and has advised for international companies and negotiated trades on their behalf.
04:23 Chief strategy officer, Roger crook, is the former CEO of DHL global forwarding and has been a disrupter and independent strategist in logistics since 1988.
04:34 Simon blog danowitz is the head of business development and has worked with Fortune 500 companies like FedEx, Netflix and Office Depot and he was also a mergers and acquisitions investment banker at Royal Bank of Canada.
04:49 Among other leaders on their team, there's some advisers including Chris Perdue of Purdue farms who served as the director of inventory management at Purdue agribusiness, one of the top green businesses in the USA with over 6 billion in sales.
05:04 Also, Kevin Harrington is the original shark tank shark who pioneered as-seen-on-tv and he's launched over 500 products with over 5 billion in sales.
05:14 Also, al pet pet annatto, who's a proven success leader in all areas of supply chain and has been the vice president of xpo logistics since 2012 and also served as the senior VP for DHL among dozens of other advisors on the team.
05:30 ShipChain is having a token generation event to jumpstart the ShipChain economy and supplement funding to deliver their best product, so let's break down the details.
05:40 At a 500 million chip tokens generated, 20.8% go to the pre-sale, 24.2% and go to the regular sale, 13% are for driver rewards, 15% for the team, 12% for advisers and bounties, 10% percent for the company reserve, and 5% is left for air drops and carrier rewards.
06:01 There's also a retainer of 13% of the total supply which will be distributed over five or more years as incentives for ecologically responsible driving.
06:10 The public sale begins mid-january and to learn more about the ShipChain project, check out their website at
06:17 Blockchain technology provides a great vehicle for the logistics and transportation industry, to transact upon for better communication and transparency.
06:27 Do you see the supply chain moving on to blockchain and side chains?
06:32 Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.
06:35 This crypto coin show is sponsored by event chain smart tickets, stop excessive ticketing fees using the Ethereum blockchain by joining the EVC community.
06:42 I'm Ashlyn Addison and thanks for watching.
06:47 Remember to like this video, share it and subscribe to the crypto coin show to see my next video when I decrypt the facts to keep you on track in the crypto world.

Tracking and transparency

  • The ShipChain platform unifies shipment tracking on the Ethereum blockchain, using a sidechain to track individual encrypted geographic waypoints across each smart contract. With this system, the meaning of each cryptographic waypoint is only accessible for interpretation by the parties involved in the shipment itself. This gives shippers more visibility across their supply chain, and allows carriers to communicate with ease.
  • Information about loads, geo waypoints, and other basic information is recorded and publicly validated within the sidechain. On the shipment's delivery and confirmation, the contract is completed and stored on the main blockchain.

Token allocation

Percentage Area
24.2% Sale
20.8% Presale / sale
15% Team
13% Driver rewards
12% Advisors and bounty
10% Company reserve
5% Airdrops + carrier rewards
  • Note that ShipChain plan includes a retainer of 13% of the total supply of tokens to be distributed over five or more years as incentives for ecologically responsible driving.


  • List of wallets for ShipChain (SHIP).


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Team members

  • List of team members in ShipChain (SHIP).
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
John Monarch CEO

Official LinkedIn account: Official Twitter account:

  • John Monarch is the CEO of ShipChain (SHIP) cryptocurrency project.
  • John is the founder and CEO of Direct Outbound, one of the fastest growing fulfillment/3PL companies in the country, and one of the largest in the Southeast United States. He is intimately familiar with the logistics industry in all aspects, from postal logistics and parcel private carriers to air, sea, and intermodal land freight.
  • From Greenville, South Carolina Area, United States.
  • Graduated from Clemson University with in Physics (2005 – 2009).
  • Data driven, scientist, musician, Clemson alumnus, Blockchain advocate.
LEE BAILEY Chief Technology Officer
BRIAN D. EVANS Chief Marketing Officer
SAM RUSANI Chief Revenue Officer
ROGER CROOK Chief Strategy Officer
MAGNUS DUFWA Lead Developer, EU
CLINTON SENKOW VP of Partnerships
DALLAS MEIER VP of Operations
Cherie Aimée VP of Community Management
SHAWI GHADERI Executive Assistant


  • List of advisors for ShipChain (SHIP).
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  • List of partners and supporters for ShipChain (SHIP).

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