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Mobile Games - Growing Seeds

The complete list of all mobile games by Growing Seeds, including iOS games on App Store and Android games on Google Play.


List of all iOS gamesEdit

Game Name Release Date Price Genres Download Size Age In-App Purchase Subtitle Official links and available languages
  MazM - 오페라의 유령 12 May 2018 무료 게임, 어드벤처 494.87 MB 12+ No 원작 그 이상    
  • KO
  하트리스 옐로 브릭스 16 Sep 2016 무료 게임, 어드벤처, 교육, 가족 193.60 MB 4+ No 하트리스 옐로 브릭스 by Growing Seeds    
  • EN, KO
  아트북 옐로 브릭스 16 Sep 2016 무료 교육, 게임, 가족 105.28 MB 4+ No 아트북 옐로 브릭스 by Growing Seeds  
  • EN, JA, KO
  옐로 브릭스 16 Sep 2016 USD 3.29 게임, 어드벤처, 교육, 가족 358.60 MB 4+ No 옐로 브릭스 by Growing Seeds    
  • EN, KO
  MazM - Jekyll and Hyde 3 Aug 2018 Free Games, Education, Adventure 434.00 MB 12+ Yes Mystery Adventure!      
  • EN, JA, KO, ZH, ZH
  Think and Match - math grade 1 LITE 14 Oct 2014 Free Education, Games 121.38 MB 4+ No Think and Match - math grade 1 LITE by Growing Seeds      
  • EN, JA, KO, ZH

List of all Android gamesEdit

Game Name Price Genre Content Rating Ads In-App Purchases Official links and description
  MazM - Jekyll and Hyde Free Adventure Teen Yes Yes        
  • Google Play Indie Games Festival 2018 TOP 3 Selection !
  Think and Match - math Grade 1 $1.99 Educational Everyone No No      
  • Your children bored with math? Now, add some fun into your children’s learning.

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  • Slogan and quote: A space where stories are born again, MazM MazM gives you the impression of the forgotten stories!
  • Seller name on App Store: Growing Seeds
  • Seller name on Google Play: MazM


  • Address: 경기도 성남시 분당구 서판교로 160 504(판교동, 스타식스밸리) 대한민국


  • Some of the games by Growing Seeds for iOS and Android might not be available in your country.
  • Official list of Growing Seeds mobile games on App Store and Google Play varies with your country.

Wiki notes

  • This mobile games by Growing Seeds wiki list is to include all iOS games for iPhone and iPad available on App Store, and Android mobile games by MazM available on Google Play, covering all countries.
  • Each game listed above is unique with its unique app id.
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