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Truth and facts[edit]

  • Experty is a decentralized blockchain based skype-like calling application, exchange your knowledge for money on the global market.
  • Experty is a decentralized calling platform that allow recipients to get money directly from the calling person based on the conversation time.
  • Experty aims to connect experienced professionals to users for consulting purposes.


  • Slogan: Calls powered by cryptocurrency.
  • Slogan: Democratizing the consultations market.
  • Slogan: Uber for knowledge sharing.
  • Experty (EXY) is based in Zug, Switzerland and Poland.


  • The official ticker symbol for Experty token: EXY
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 100 million EXY


  • ICO from 25 Jan 2018 to 25 Feb 2018.
  • ICO token price: 1 ETH = 1000 EXY.

Video Playlist[edit]

Experty IO Explainer ( Experty made the top 10 ICOs in 2018 by, link in the description )

00:02 All around the world, people are trying to exchange knowledge over the internet using various calling app like Skype or Whatsapp.
00:10 The problem is, it's inefficient.
00:13 Both for the people who are seeking advice online and experts who provide them with knowledge.
00:22 The solution would be a decentralized calling platform that allow recipients to get money directly from the calling person based on the conversation time.
00:31 Introducing Experty, a blockchain based skype-like calling application, exchange your knowledge for money on the global market.
00:39 Now the providers set their limit rate, share their Experty profile with advice seeker via email or social media and get paid for every minute of your time spent on the consultation call.
00:51 Experty doesn't need bank or third party services since the transfer occured automatically using cryptocurrency.
00:59 Use cases include legal or medical consultation, business advice, contacting popular bloggers, youtubers, or talking to professors during online courses.
01:09 Influencers reach their audience by sharing their call links over website, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or email.
01:16 Experty empowers people worldwide and democratize the digital consultation market.

ICO Review: Experty (EXY) - Decentralized Knowledge Exchange

00:00 Hi there, this is Victoria from crush crypto dot com.
00:02 In this video, I will be talking about the blockchain project Experty, which is a protocol that strives to bring the expert network business onto the blockchain.
00:10 Please know we are not paid or mandated to do any of our reviews, this is just our personal opinion and analysis and not investment advice.
00:18 Experty aims to connect experienced professionals to users for consulting purposes.
00:24 In the past, companies with scout out professionals with a high level of expertise in their field and offer them work as a temporary consultant for people specifically looking for advice in that field.
00:34 The expert network company will then receive a small commission from the transaction.
00:38 Experty vision is taking the decentralizing aspect of a blockchain and cutting out the middleman.
00:44 Knowledge seekers will be able to connect with their knowledge provider of choice without having to go through an intermediary.
00:51 They do not plan on using a Marketplace time model for their product where users have to go to one source to search for a specific specialist.
00:58 Instead, knowledge providers will be able to share their Experty link directly on their social or professional media such as LinkedIn, email signature or Twitter profile.
01:08 Payments will also be made through a smart contract that directly links the knowledge provider with the knowledge seeker, so payment between the two parties will be nearly instant.
01:15 This is how Experty works in a nutshell.
01:19 The knowledge provider, let's say a lawyer, says his or her per minute rate.
01:22 The lawyer then shares their Experty profile on Twitter, LinkedIn or wherever he or her chooses with an advice seeker.
01:29 The advice seeker gets the information or help needed and pays a knowledge provider via a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain instantly.
01:37 Experty plans on having the following features.
01:40 In their profiles, users can input their profession and add a small paragraph as to what knowledge they can provide.
01:46 Users will be able to share their information through a quick phone call or video call and knowledge seekers will be charged a permanent fee.
01:54 Knowledge seekers and providers will be able to communicate the best time for them to meet or discuss what they're looking for before getting into a paid call.
02:02 EXY tokens are the platform's native cryptocurrency and the main source of payment on the platform.
02:08 The EXY Wallet is a soft wallet on the website that will hold the token.
02:13 The differentiating concept behind Experty is that their main focus at the beginning is with blockchain and crypto personalities and youtubers.
02:19 They will include a variety of other platforms in the future, including private chat rooms, premium customer support, live streams and webinars.
02:26 This slide lists some of the use cases for the Experty app.
02:32 Their goal is to allow blockchain influencers, advisors, developers and companies to monetize their time and knowledge.
02:37 For example, companies and associations such as Bitcoin Swiss and crypto value Association deal with many requests every day.
02:45 These organizations may be interested in using Experty as a hotline so that people can pay to talk with specific people within their organisations.
02:53 Here are some screenshots of their Minimum Viable Product.
02:56 This year is a splash screen for their mobile app.
03:00 This is basically a contact list of various specialists.
03:03 If you click on one of the contacts, for example a Herbert Arnold, his profile pops up with information on one he can help with, his languages and also reviews written by others.
03:12 He can then directly initiate a call with him and he would be paid on a permanent basis.
03:17 This slide summarizes the development roadmap for the project over the next year.
03:22 According to the team, Experty has already secured a large amount of advisors and future users of their products and are letting them promote their products.
03:30 The testnet app will be available in December 2017, while the main net app is scheduled to launch before the crowd sale, which begins on January 25th, 2018.
03:38 Experty will be raising funds in an upcoming crowd sale that begins on January 25th and will run for a month.
03:45 The hard cap is nine million dollars or thirty three thousand ether, whichever is lower, and the conversion rate is one Ether for one thousand EXY tokens.
03:54 The total tokens supplies one hundred million and the maximum market cap on a fully diluted basis is 27 million dollars.
04:03 There is also a pre ICO with varying proof of caring tears and bonuses.
04:07 This chart here shows how the tokens will be distributed.
04:09 33% will be going to the crowd sale, another 33% to the company which will be vested for three years and partly used to pay for promotions and campaigns.
04:19 30% will go to partners to incentivize them to use Experty.
04:23 These tokens would be locked for a period of 18 months.
04:26 And this try shows how the proceeds will be used.
04:28 40 percent will go towards software development and another 40 percent will be used for marketing and promotion and 15 percent will be used for long-term research.
04:37 EXY tokens will be the only currency used on the Experty platform and will be created only during the crowd sale.
04:43 So in order for knowledge seekers to have phone calls or video calls with the knowledge providers or as a deposit for advanced scheduling, they will need to pay using EXY tokens.
04:53 If a knowledge provider accepts other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin, then they would need to pay monthly subscription fees with EXY tokens.
05:01 The Experty website will have a soft wallet and a way for users to buy EXY tokens directly using Fiat or cryptocurrencies.
05:09 As tokens are needed to perform transactions or staking, the more usage and users the platform has, the more valuable the tokens should be.
05:18 There also is an incentive for frequent users to buy a large sum of EXY tokens as they are able to stake their coins in order to receive certain premium benefits for free.
05:27 React Poland the company behind Experty was founded in 2014.
05:31 Experty was conceptualized and developed at the beginning of 2017.
05:35 The team was able to secure seven hundred thousand dollars in seed funding earlier in the year.
05:42 The CEO of Experty is a co-founder of React Poland, and has been a self-employed programmer since 2013.
05:46 The CTO was a lead developer at react Poland.
05:49 Advisors of the project include a Software Architect for golem and Ethereum, the CTO of tether, the former CTO of Bitfinex, the head of icos at Bitcoin Suisse and so on.
06:00 So what are the opportunities for this project?
06:04 For removing the middleman, Experty is able to provide expert network services at a lower rates.
06:10 At the moment, some experts may charge thousands of dollars per hour and with Experty, they may be able to reduce their fees and still earn the same amount.
06:19 The potential for rapid adoption for this project is there.
06:21 The team has already lined up a fair number of crypto experts, ready to provide consulting services when the platform launches.
06:28 Experty aims to provide instant access, answers and payments.
06:31 The ease of use may help bring more users onto the platform.
06:36 As I mentioned earlier, Experty will not be using marketplace type model.
06:39 This means experts can share their expertise links on social media websites, discussion boards and anywhere they like and they are not limited to a single marketplace.
06:47 We believe this makes it easier for users to consult directly with the Express they know about and for the experts to reach out to their audience.
06:55 As for our concerns, first of all, the key team members of Experty are all software developers who's not appeared to have experience in consulting or in working with expert networks.
07:07 It may be difficult for the team to expand outside the crypto space and into other areas such as legal, financial services, health care and so on.
07:13 There is a limit as to the number of calls an expert can take each day, so we believe Experty will need a very large number of experts in order to justify a potential valuation in the range of tens of millions of dollars.
07:26 For flipping, we currently have a positive view.
07:29 The project has gotten a lot of attention already so they should have no problem hitting their 9 million dollar hard cap.
07:35 The potential to receive higher bonuses from the proof of caring program also makes a short term thesis more compelling.
07:42 For long term holding, we have a neutral view.
07:44 Given the team's background and primarily software development, we do not know yet if they can branch out from their initial focus on the crypto space.
07:51 If they cannot provide a better user experience for current incumbents in the centralized space, the adoption for the project could be slow or they could hit a ceiling.
07:59 As a final note, if you decide to contribute into this ICO, it would be better to participate in the proof of Caring program to potentially qualify for a higher bonus.
08:09 Thank you very much for watching our video on Experty.
08:12 Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.
08:16 If you haven't already, please also subscribe to our youtube channel and follow us on Twitter or Facebook for our latest updates.
08:21 See you next time and I hope you'll keep on crushing your crypto game.


Token Generation Event (TGE) distribution[edit]

Spec Details
Maximum cap 9000 ETH
Total token supply
  • Total amount of token supply will known after the Token Generation Event. Maximum supply is 100MLN EXY of which:
  • 33% tokens for contributors.
  • 33% tokens for company (vested for 3 years).
  • 30% tokens for partners (locked for 18 months).
  • 1% to cover all costs related to initial marketing.
  • 3% airdrops and bounties.
Ethereum ERC20 Experty is using ERC223 standard, an updated version of ERC20. ERC 223 requires less Gas than ERC20, prevents the risk of tokens being lost when they are sent to an incompatible contract, and is also fully compatible with ERC20 for purposes of exchange listing.
Accepted ETH (and BTC + FIAT via Bitcoin Suisse)
Basic EXY Token 1000EXY === 1 ETH
PoC Partner Tier 60% + flat 5000 EXY (bonus regardless of the amount).
PoC Bonus Tier #1 40% + flat 1000 EXY (bonus regardless of the amount).
PoC Bonus Tier #2 20% bonus.
PoC Bonus Tier #3 10% bonus.
Proof-of-Caring deadline 15th of Jan 2018.

Experty Token (EXY)[edit]

  • The Experty Token (EXY) is a major constituent of the Experty platform. EXY is created only during the Token Generation Event. EXY is a utility token that will be used for the following:
    • EXY will be used for all feeless payments from advice seekers to knowledge providers.
    • EXY will be staked by users for access to premium features.
    • EXY will be used by advice seekers as a deposit for advance scheduling with a knowledge provider.
  • All use cases above have 0 additional fees in order to use them. All this comes 100% free for EXY users.

Token distribution[edit]

  • 33% for crowd sale tokens.
  • 33% for company tokens. (Company tokens are vested for 3 years and will be used also for paying for promotions, campaigns, etc.)
  • 30% for partners tokens. (Partners tokens are locked for 18 months and are going to be sued for incentivising influencers to use the Experty application.)
  • 3% for airdrops and bounties.
  • 1% to cover token sale costs.

Proceeds distribution[edit]

  • 40% for software development.
  • 40% for marketing and promotion.
  • 15% for long term research.
  • 5% for legal and administrative.


List of exchanges, trading platform and marketplaces to trade, buy and sell Experty (EXY).


  • List of supported wallets for Experty (EXY).


  • List of development timeline, roadmap, events and milestones on Experty (EXY).
Official list of development roadmap
Date Events and Milestones
  • Company foundation of software consulting company React Poland.
  • First small crypto project for SatoshiPay.
  • Initial solidity smart contracts and web3 internal projects.
  • Blockchain projects research and analysis.
Q1 2017
  • Project concept.
Q2 2017
  • Started development.
Q3 2017
  • Seed investment.
Q4 2017
  • Alpha version.
Q1 2018
  • Mobile / Webapp beta. Mobile iOS, Android (voice calls). WebApp (public profile preview.
  • Token Generation Event.
  • Contacts management.
  • Ethereum wallet.
Q2 2018
  • Security audit.
  • Market release.
  • Call-Me web links.
  • Mobile apps (messaging, availability schedule).
  • WebApp (balance, messaging, voice calls, availability schedule).
Q3 2018
  • Desktop beta.
  • Mobile app (video calls, balance management).
  • Web App (video calls).
Q4 2018
  • Desktop release for MacOX and Windows. (balance management, messaging, video calls).
  • Fiat gateway.
  • Advanced payment rules.
  • Mobile app (UX update).
  • WebApp (UX update).
Q1 2019
  • Refinement based on users feedback.
  • Desktop, mobile, web app (screen sharing)
Q3 2019
  • Desktop, mobile, web app (group calls)

Team members[edit]

  • List of team members in Experty (EXY).
Official list of team members
Name Position Details
Kamil Przeorski Founder, CEO

Official LinkedIn account: Official Twitter account: Official Facebook account (fb): Github:

  • Kamil Przeorski is the founder of Experty (EXY) cryptocurrency project and co-founder of React Poland.
  • From Gliwice, Poland / Zug, Canton of Zug, Switzerland.
GREG KUCMIERZ Solidity engineer, co-founder
BLAISE MATHAI Communications Manager
SARAH KHAN Project Director
ANATOLII MENLYK Full Stack Developer
ADAM STRZEMPA Mobile Developer
PATRYK SZCZYGLO Mobile Developer
PAWEL ROKOSZ Frontend Developer
MATT SACZEWSKI Marketing Manager
LUKE KUBICA Mobile Developer
DANIEL CHMIEL Fullstack developer
PATRYK HUZARSKI Frontend Developer


  • List of advisors for Experty (EXY).
Official list of advisors
Name Details
CRAIG SELLARS Ex-CTO Bitfinex, CTO of Tether & BLOCKv
PAWEL BYLICA Ethereum, Golem, Software Architect
JOSH OLSZEWICZ Blockchain Community Influencer
LUIS CARRANZA FinTechWeek Founder, Marketing Strategist
SZCZEPAN BENTYN Popular Polish Community Youtuber
NICOLAI OSTER Head of ICOs @ Bitcoin Suisse
MICHAL PARASHIDIS Security & Blockchain Advisor
CHRIS HUNICHEN ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations
KEN LIU ICO and Token Mechanics Expert, Investor Relations
MAURO CAPPIELLO Experty AG Board Member, Legal and Business Advisory
MOE LEVIN Founder of Blockchain Forum
SIMON COCKING Blockchain Influencer, Irish Tech News
JAE KIM Korean Investor Relations
JANUSZ NOWAKOWSKI Blockchain and DevOps consultant


  • List of partners, supporters and investors for Experty (EXY).

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