Hogyan győzzük le a szezonális depressziót?

Megacity life keeps people in the state of constant anxiety. A whole lot of stress usually leads you straight to depressions, particularly if summer is over and you’ve got long autumn and winter ahead and no holidays. The only area where we can unwind after a long tough day in town is our own homes.

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Psychologists advise to take care of your interior decoration and design very seriously, particularly if you reside in a huge city. Such words such as”warm, comfy, comfy interior” are not merely designer stipulations. Try to stick to these rules, and you’ll feel the difference. 1. Choose the interior design that suits you. Some of the interior designs are emotionally comfortable and capable to produce the feeling of warmth and coziness. Keep in mind, you need to feel comfortable yourself from the inside you created, don’t follow the trends because they are”in vogue”.

Shortly, this is our ancestors’ style of living, although it’s not that cheap any more. On the contrary, nowadays, to make eco style you will need to have sufficient cash in your pocket. This style is using furniture made from natural materials – solid wood, linen, jute. The light fixtures are made from wooden frames, rice paper, and natural fabrics.

They state that such things have a”special energy” that’s good not only for your own body, but also for your soul. This style is very similar to Eco style though it uses more decorative components determined by which county-side you would like to make – Southern France, Tuscany, or Greek Mediterranean. Accessories are extremely important here – wrought iron chandeliers, table cloths with laces, curtains with floral pattern. In the kitchen place dried herbs, garlic and pepper on the walls or make “ikebana” made of little pumpkins, squashes and nuts. Here you are able to combine contemporary furniture with Venetian chandeliers, rustic cabinet with Murano glass vases inside.

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Kombinálja az egyedi emléktárgyakat, amelyeket az Ön által bejárt helyeken hozott, egyetlen falon - már a puszta megjelenés ezen a falon a teljes élet érzésével tölti el Önt. Kitűnő módja annak, hogy élővé tegye otthonát, ha néhány saját készítésű kiegészítőt használ. Manapság rengeteg forrás áll rendelkezésre a kreativitáshoz: kézművesboltok, könyvek, weboldalak, tévéműsorok. Úgy gondolod, hogy az asztali lámpáid lámpaernyői túl egyszerűek? Vegyél gyöngyös gyűrűket a textilboltban, és ragaszd fel őket az árnyékolók szegélyére. Eleged van az antik drapériáidból? Készítsen "batikolt" stílusú szövetet, és teremtse meg ablakai új megjelenését. Az Igazi otthon az az otthon, amely több generáció életútját tükrözi, az az otthon, ahol a dolgok értik a területüket anélkül, hogy megkérdeznének egy tervezőt.


These tiny things make a home different from luxury hotel rooms. Don’t rush up in throwing everything whilst moving to a new property. Family pictures, souvenirs, or your Grandma’s old floor lamp in”colonial style” can enable you to fill a chilly home with warm feelings of the folks who love you. If you include pets, the odor of home-baked a nice looking you in a humorous apron – this will complete a portrait of the coziest home on earth.


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