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Hogyan lehet megnyerni a csatát az autoimmun betegségek ellen?

First, what exactly do we mean by autoimmunity or autoimmune disorder? A process where the body’s immune system causes illness by wrongly attacking healthy cells, organs, or cells in the body that’s critical for good health.


Your own immune system erroneously attacks and destroys your body tissue that it believes to be foreign. Active Chronic Hepatitis, Addison’s Disease, Anti-phospholipid Syndrome, Celiac Disease, Crohns Disease, Cushings Syndrome, Dermatomyositis, (Type I) Diabetes, Discoid Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Pemphigoid, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, and Fibromyalgia Fibromyositis. There are lots of many more.

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer with symptoms — everything from fatigue to joint pains to melancholy, to numb feet and hands, to heart palpitations — signs that the immune system has turned upon itself. Many men and women are interested in remedies for reversing autoimmune disorder what works.


You will need to know what caused your body to attack itself in the first location. If you tackle these issues your body is able to reverse the symptoms. We’re all familiar with the term resistance today that AIDS a disease that directly attacks your immune system has become so prominent. To really understand the term, it means, basically, immunity to disease. Generally we’re speaking of infectious disease, and immunity comes through your body’s vulnerability to the disease. If you have mumps as a child, you understand that we aren’t vulnerable to another installment of mumps since your body has built up resistance to the condition.

Also you acquire immunity via artificial means like vaccination or immunization. Originally immunity has been thought of as the body’s way of protecting itself against disease. One of the fundamental theories of resistance in the early days of the twentieth century has been that if resistance will benefit us, it needs to be led to something foreign, something out the body. So it has always been the understanding of immunologists the immune response only worries germs, viruses and overseas.

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You body can distinguish what’s itself out of that which is not itself. But something has gone wrong, as we’ve observed a dramatic increase in autoimmune ailments in the last twenty years. Your own immune system is attacking itself; your immune reaction attacks your own body the host. Autoimmune disease is a disease that occurs due to autoimmunity–a disease that’s caused by an immune response to the body of the individual himself or herself. There are now over 80 autoimmune diseases.

Why and how can autoimmunity arise in certain people’s body? What’s causing your body to produce an immune reaction to itself? Many people in this world don’t have these autoimmune conditions; hence we know that the body normally distinguishes self from non-self. Every one of us has a certain amount of autoimmunity obviously, and it doesn’t appear to do us any injury unless something has gone goes wrong.


To help us to realize that all of these autoimmune disorders as diverse as they are in their place in the human body and the systems and organs they influence they are related since they’re all due to autoimmunity. Once diagnosed, while physicians can prescribe pain relievers, hormones, or immunosuppressants to treat the symptoms, but if a patient asks about the reason, the life-long health consequences, or how to cure such conditions, physicians simply shrug their shoulders and say they don’t have any answers.

So begs the question, what causes autoimmunity? We really need to know the root causes of the significant problem that’s leading to these autoimmune disease conditions. If we know what the root cause or causes of the devastating problem, then we could tackle it and restore health and vitality. America’s abundant and prosperous civilization has caused a significant decrease in our food supply’s nutrient content. Over the past 60 years or so, the increase of chemicals in our environment during the industrial revolution, the use of insecticides and preservatives, hormones and steroids forced to our food and meat supplies, the growth of fast food and junk foods in our diets together with the lack of suitable soil management has left us with a simple food source contaminated and lacking the essential life sustaining nutritional components.


Current allopathic “medicine” knows no origin or effective treatment for many autoimmune diseases, however once you consider the root causes of the disease conditions you understand how address and prevent autoimmune disease. By simply rejuvenating and optimizing our mobile communication function the Autoimmune Disease is terminated by the then complete working, healthy and optimal immune system. In other words individuals with autoimmune conditions have deficient mis-communicated cells and immune systems.

All illness conditions are ultimately due to improper cell-to-cell communication at some level. All diseases have an immune and /or glandular component. Cell to cell communication is the important key to homeostasis (equilibrium of health) and immune system function. By providing key nutrients which are missing from your diet into your daily food can provide you back the health you lost because of auto immunity. In 1996 it was found that there are essential nutrients for health, which are non-toxic, don’t interfere with bodily functions such as drugs do and with the body is able to recognize, defend, nourish, regulate, fix and cleanse itself.

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Every chronic degenerative disease is responding very positively, often to the elimination of each symptom. The nutrients are produced from natural foods and they work harmoniously with prescription medications and aren’t meant to take the place of needed medical treatment. They’re a complement to our modern day medicine, not an option.

The word is spreading amongst the medical community that there’s help out there. It always takes time to get a new discovery of any sort to be approved but the time is coming when this information will be common knowledge. Inside the body there is an amazing protection mechanism called the immune system.

We don’t notice it when it’s working as it needs to be, but we do notice if it isn’t. Your immune system is composed of many elements, systems and cells working together to serve and safeguard your health and wellbeing.

To operate effectively all these cell groups and systems should have appropriate structure and function, as soon as your body is overtaxed with chemicals, toxins, stress, overuse of antibiotics and contains nutrient deficiencies your body becomes more vulnerable to germs, bacteria, and loses the ability to work properly.


As we mentioned earlier, the result having an autoimmune disorder is your body starts attacking itself and you find yourself getting a miscommunicated dysfunctional immune system. Science is validating that virtually every disease has missing and altered constructions of glycoforms on the mobile of the individual affected with the particular disease. Where a healthy individual has the appropriate structure and assembly of glycoforms coat their cells. Your body will repair itself, regenerate itself, restore itself, and defend itself provided that you supply your body with the perfect tools it needs to function properly. By providing required and essential nutrients back into your diet, your body will have the nutrients (tools) it needs to reassemble the correct immune system structures in the amount of your cells. It is possible to restore proper function to your body’s cells, so you do not need to live with the debilitating auto immune challenge.