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How To Turbo-Charge Child’s Immune System?

Your kids will inevitably get sick at some point. As a parent we would like to give our kids the very best tools for the job so that they have the best start in life so lets see what the top five methods are. This is a superb start to your child’s life if you’re in a position to do this. Breast milk is full of antibodies and white blood cells that fight many health problems such as ear infections, allergies, meningitis, pneumonia, SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) and diarrhea.


The colostrum that is the yellowish pre-milk that arrives inside the first days of childbirth is full of vital antibodies. Experts suggest that if a mother was just able to breast feed for the first week which alone would reap massive gains for the child’s immune system because the colostrum is so nutrient rich. Yes its true and to be honest that this is going back to fundamentals but by ensuring that your kids have their 5 per day you’re doing them a massive favour for their immune system.

Vitamin C

It is widely called powerful defense against germs. Studies show that a diet rich in vitamin C helps protect the body against cardiovascular disease and cancer later in life, vitamin C helps the body in the creation of the important white blood cells. Now combating germs won’t boost your children’s immunity but protecting against germs on your children’s surroundings will. Make certain to check that your kids are washing their hands frequently especially at mealtimes and following activities outside.

You need to be careful though not to overdo this as it’s essential for your child to be exposed to a germs as this really helps your child build a strong immune system, so for example it’s not wise to utilize the antibacterial spray every door knob in the house or after you kid has tied their shoelaces you need to have a sensible approach.

Take note

Two other things to note, if your child is ill chuck the toothbrush as germs can spread between toothbrushes that could wind up infecting the entire family. Be cautious with the hand towel be certain that your child has their own towel differently again family members might get infected. Scientific studies demonstrate that regular exercise increases the amount of natural disease fighting cells in children (also in adults) whilst also keeping the body’s fitness that obviously keeps your child’s body less vulnerable to infections.

It’s well known the fitter you are the less likely you are to fall sick, whereas you might be aware if you never exercise and eat junk food regularly your body’s immune system are you going to leave you wide open to falling sick. If you as parents smoke to outside it simply you should stop.

Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 of harmful toxins that can kill cells in the human body, but your kids are more vulnerable to effects of secondhand smoke compared to adults as kids breath faster which means that the body’s natural detox process isn’t as well developed as an adults. If your child is exposed to passive smoking it increases the chance of ear infections, pneumonia and asthma.