Sad woman complaining with bandages on wrists after suicide attempt at home

How To Stop Teenage Cutting?

Teenage cutting is a dangerous game which can result in permanent psychological damage to you. Cutting is when somebody who wants a relief is going to take a blade or a knife and purposely do damage to their own body. It’s becoming a very common act in many areas of the world. The thing is that if you’re a cutter what you might not know is that you’re doing a different sort of damage.

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The reason for this is that there’s a psychological damage that’s also occurring with each cut. The act of self injury causes cutters to conceal this act in secret since there’s a shame that accompanies this behavior. If any cutter actually admits it they will show they are unhappy about cutting themselves. They know it’s not right but they’ll do it any way. This is because it is still a solution to the problem they are feeling. Teenage cutting is something which has increased because teenagers are growing increasingly unhappy.

They’re unhappy with parents, school and what they were given to deal with in this life. When there’s not any other alternative and you are pushed to the wall you’ll turn on yourself and that’s what cutters do. This is their way of taking charge of the problem. The problem is that every cut will scar you on the interior. Talk to former cutters and the pain of the cuts are still there. It’s a constant reminder of the awful time in life. There’s a way to stop teenage cutting and it doesn’t involve medication. Medication can be a great solution but it won’t ever get to the cause of the cutting.


Medication, which could also come with several side effects, shouldn’t be the only solution but it can help. It’s very important to the cutter to be given back the hands of themselves in another way. The cutting is because of not having control. The cutter has to heal from within and it’s proven that they can now do this. This will cure the cutting. This is the reason you can’t stop at medication; there’s still no internal healing. If you have to take the medication fine but don’t stop there.

There’s a new technique that’s been helping many people with adolescent cutting in an awesome way. It’s a new strategy discovered by a filmmaker that was having good success with self injury thoughts, it entails no physicians, and no treatment, really the depressed person heals independently. You’re filled back up, replacing what’s missing and inducing the self harm. You treat yourself alone and this cutting self help is successful. It’s an inside-out treatment that’s been helping adolescents and adults. Don’t wait for cutting to just go away you need to take charge today.