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How To Stop Headaches?

Stop-Headaches demonstrates many ways to stop headaches. This is only one of the many options that are mentioned in the book. Massage is another option for treating headaches. It is particularly effective for headaches due to muscle tension or stress (tension headaches and migraines).


Massage improves blood circulation, reduces tightness, and relieves pain. While massage is often done by others, you can also do it yourself. These techniques are easy to use at home, at work, or wherever you feel the need. Begin by taking a deep breath. Relaxation is key. Massage should not be done with tension in your shoulders or hands. You should breathe regularly. It may seem difficult at first to focus on your breathing, hands, shoulders, and remembering massage techniques at the same. It will get easier with practice, I promise.

You should not hold your breath. Otherwise, you will only build tension. A scalp massage can be a great way to reduce tension headaches. I will be describing a fingertip massage. Start by placing your fingertips on each side of your scalp. You can gently press your scalp in a circular motion. Continue to massage your entire scalp, including the area around and above your ears. You should not allow your fingers to slide across the skin. Instead, move the hair along the scalp.

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You can also improve blood circulation by gently lifting a small amount of hair from your scalp with your fingertips. It is a good idea to twist your hair as you lift it. If you feel any pain, it is likely that you are lifting your hair too high or twisting it too tightly. Be gentle. You don’t want your hair to fall out by the end of the month. You can reduce tension headaches by massaging your forehead and temples with your fingertips.

Give yourself a shoulder massage to finish the massage. For a few seconds, just press your right shoulder with the left hand. Next, repeat the process with your right shoulder and left hand. Massage yourself at least once per day. It would be ideal to have a massage at least once a day. The entire massage takes only 10-15 minutes.


You deserve to take that time to relax. There are many other treatments that can be used to treat headaches of all kinds. These include visualization, acupuncture and acupressure.