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How To Remove Pimples?

Acne can cause severe skin conditions that can have many side effects. You have probably got pimples and are looking for ways to get rid of them. I have dealt with acne in the past, and I can tell how natural home remedies helped me to get rid of it. You might want to try natural remedies to get rid pimples if you have tried all the available products.


It is a fact that treating acne and pimples can be very time-consuming. Recurrent pimples will require a variety of treatment options and regimens to get rid of the problem. It is difficult enough to get rid of every pimple, but it is much more difficult to prevent them from coming back. It is much easier to get rid of pimples with natural home remedies than you might think. It takes very little time and most of the methods are inexpensive and easy to use.

Here are some that I have used and had success with.

What to do?

  • First, you must not squeeze or pop pimples. This may seem like the best way to get rid zits for a short time, and it does work. You’re actually doing more harm that good. Pop zits can spread bacteria and cause more outbreaks. This can lead to long-term acne treatment failure.
  • Egg whites are another method to get rid of pimples. Egg whites can dry out pimples naturally and can be used to do so.
  • Virgin coconut oil also has the same properties of egg whites, and can be used to dry out pimples and make them disappear. Keep in mind that egg whites can trap oils and toxins, which can lead to more breakouts.
  • Lemon juice is another option to get rid of pimples. High acidic juices have a chemical property that reduces the pimple and eventually causes it to disappear completely. You can either apply a little lemon juice on a cotton cloth to each pimple or just wash your entire face with it. Make sure to wash your face after applying the lemon juice, but not afterwards. The longer it sits, the better.


These natural home remedies will hopefully work for you. You can always try another method if one doesn’t work. You will find a solution that will work for you. It took me a while, but I finally got rid of all my pimples. I now have clear skin.