Spray bottle and sponge near black mould wall. House cleaning concept

How To Reduce Home Allergies?

The reasons why some people today suffer from allergies within their own house can be reduced to 3 easy things (besides food allergies). Dust mites, pets and molds. Here are a few tips really simple to implement to aid the allergies victims in your property. There are few options when it comes to pet allergies.


You can either eliminate the pet, leave the pet outside or in the garage when the weather is too poor, or receive a hypoallergenic pet like an iguana or a snake. Yes, that’s correct, only scaly skinned creatures are demonstrated to be 100% sterile. If you’re not a reptile fan, some cats and dogs are less prone to trigger allergies like poodles, bichons, Irish water spaniels and Devon rex cats. Dust mites, like molds, like humidity.

Ensure that your home is well ventilated and the humidity level isn’t too significant. You might want to consider buying a de-humidifier or have one installed on their air-conditioners. Because they enjoy humidity, dust mites typically reside in mattresses and pillows. Ensure that your wash your sheets and pillow cases per week in hot water or tumble dry hot for 10 minutes after they are dry. You could also encase your mattresses and pillows in technical impermeable covers. Vacuum and dust often to eliminate dust mites residues.

Do This!

Allow 20 minutes to the dust from the atmosphere produced by the vacuuming and dusting to settle before mopping the floors. Eliminating the carpet in your home, especially the bedroom might be a more expensive alternative but would make a noticeable difference in terms of reducing allergies. Mold is a fungus. Some diseases may be caused by molds, usually because of allergic reactions to their spores or due to toxic compounds generated as molds grow. Molds are responsible for food spoilage and sometimes damage to property.

Molds grow in humid, warm, dark places so it’s crucial to control the amount of humidity in your home and clean your toilet regularly. Be sure to don’t create more harm than good by using super toxic mold and mildew remover or bleach. Some green goods are as effective as harsh chemicals and won’t put your health in danger. Same for the laundry detergent and fabric softener you’re using to eliminate the dust mites in your sheets and pillow cases: formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances can raise occurrences of allergic reaction and asthma. What can you do to lower your family’s allergies brought on by hazardous household products when you’ve got no opportunity to create your own wasteful cleaners or run across town to expensive organic stores? Get my Free Report to find 4 simple steps to create your house safer, while saving money and time.