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How To Get Immune Support?

I had the interesting experience not too long ago (this is being written in May, 2021) of attending a virtual gym. The subject was Covid-19. I had been a few videos to the seminar and had to step away from the computer. When I returned, I could no longer get into the conference. I contacted support, asking, “Why?” . The answer came back that they needed to be “hyper-vigilant” about any “violating content”.


Learning about health is “breaking content”? This is the “dirty little secret”. If you study enough and research from physicians that are prepared to go against the tide and speak their conscience and expert view, even if it isn’t politically correct, you’ll realize that in order to push an”emergency vaccine” through there needed to be no other possible choices. In other words understanding about hydroxychloroquine, Vit C, Zinc, and Vit D3, in addition to other choices, had to be suppressed in order for the emergency embryo to be pushed through.

This is the reason President Trump was assaulted when he spoke hydroxychloroquine. There are lots of physicians who’ve since talked about protocols that fortify the immune system. Links to a number of these doctor sites are available via the website listed at the bottom of the report. People will need to educate themselves. It is not enough to trust that people will tell you all of the information you will need to know. You want to seek it out.

Let’s see…

How do you know good advice from bad? Well, generally, someone who bases their opinions on facts is prepared to be debated, to have a situation laid out as to why the facts are or aren’t accurate. Someone who wants an actual solution is willing to examine alternative facts and change or tweak their opinion, if needed. Someone who wishes to be dogmatic is usually not prepared to debate. They do not want to talk about details. They simply need to “go with the flow”, together with the prevailing politically correct opinion of the moment.

They are usually more worried about saying that the “right” thing which will keep them in the favor of whomever they would like to impress. Occasionally, this might be financing sources for their research that they don’t want to lose. Or, it can be something more sinister, such as Freemason connections.

Final word

Whatever the case, the dogma is set, the talking points are repeated, and disagreement isn’t allowed. A physician who has had to manage censorship is Dr. Mercola. He’s a physician who believes in the use of vitamins. He held a valuable interview regarding Covid-19. Among other things, he said he needed to take down information regarding building the immune system.