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How To Find Your True Center?

Where’s your true center located? It appears to be a simple query, except that different cultures find your center in a variety of areas in the body. For Taoists, it is in the navel or lower abdominal region. For Christian and Sufi mystics, it’s in the heart. Ancient yoga teachings in India may highlight that maintaining your attention in your third eye will keep you centered.

Your Center

Although these teachings express the concern that in case you put your heart at the location other than where they indicate, you will become unbalanced, do not worry. Your authentic center is within the vertical column of divine existence, also referred to as your central station. You could think of it as your religious spine. Before you existed within this body, your soul’s energy body existed. And beyond this life, your soul’s energy body will continue to reside. This means that when you’re feeling into your vertical column of divine existence, you touch the living eternity that’s your essential nature.

This starts to give you a clue about the location of your true centre. Now does this mean your central energy channel is itself your true center? Although the central channel is where you search for your centre, the central channel isn’t itself the real center. This is because your centre isn’t actually a place in any respect. Your center is better known as a process — a means of putting your attention within. Although you might read metaphysical novels that endlessly clarify religious matters, if you prefer an actual experience with your true centre, this involves gently placing your focus, and letting yourself become knowledgeable about your inner character that you slowly discover there.

Energy factor

Although your central energy channel isn’t your body, your delicate body is in precisely the exact same place as your physical body. Perhaps you’re wondering how your subtle energy body could be at precisely the identical place as your physical body. Wouldn’t 1 body displace another? Actually, your subtle energy body co-exists with your physical body, because each is on a different frequency, or vibration.

The body is lighter in density, and readily co-exists with exactly the same area as the physical body. So the important thing is to set your attention on your central energy channel, which is found in the spine. It extends into the mind — and over the head. And your central channel extends down below the toes, also. However, your consciousness goes deeper than the physical backbone, and this is the key to inner awareness. But what could be deeper than the backbone? The deeper dimension of your central energy channel is infinitely vast. And as this subject is hard to describe, it’s frequently left out of teachings. But while you know what to do, you can have your own legitimate mystical encounter.

So how do you get a huge dimension, accessed inside your central channel? You place your focus there, you silence your internal dialogue, and you gently imagine that your focus is going deeper. Initially, it seems that you’re accessing a distance of darkness or nothingness. That’s only the surface of your experience.

Take note

Gently bring your focus deeper. This is how you find the inner vastness. You go deeper, then deeper .

  • If you go deep, will you become oblivious of the physical plane, or be ungrounded? This is a sensible question, as your spiritual journey is only of value if you’re safely integrated. And that means you keep awareness of your physical body, now, while performing your spiritual explorations. But, you might wonder, what about these teachings that indicate that you need to be”one pointed” on your spiritual focus? Such teachings risk ungroundness, since they emphasize the intensity made by one-pointed attention. Don’t risk overload — remain integrated with your own body in present time. Recognize that you could be focused in your internal energy expertise, while also being suitably stabilized on your physical body.
  • If you go deeper, how can you understand precisely how deep to go? This is something that you discover yourself, through your safely grounded inner explorations. Generally speaking, you move deeper into the depth of your inner light one step at a time. You keep awareness of your own body in present time. You don’t space out, you don’t leave your body, and you continue to have mindful awareness of your fundamental processes like breathing, heartbeat, and awareness of your environment. It’s much better to get a top quality grounded experience, than an extreme ungrounded experience.
  • Is there a final deep place within where you are able to find your deepest truth? The deeper you go inside your heart, within your mind, and inside your stomach, the deeper the level of truth which you can access. The thickness is more important than the place — instead of the popular teaching that the heart automatically holds the deepest reality. The key to discovering your fact involves your moving deeper, because unless you do so you’re only at the surface of the heart, which is as unsteady as the surface of the mind. But regarding the question of a final deep place of ultimate truth, there’s absolutely no one place or one degree within you that’s a deepest area of fact.

But relax, because you can surely find helpful insights about your deeper reality at each interior level of your being. As you discover each facet of the fact, at every interior level you research, you may gradually feel increasingly more connected with meaningful truth that may serve your highest good. When you realize that every deeper level of inner discovery brings you emotionally legal and enabling realizations, this replaces the old idea of one final ultimate truth. Needless to say, your recognition your inner discovery goes deeper, rather than finishes, can be somewhat overwhelming at first, as your logical mind might have convinced you that you would someday find an ultimate location, or even have an ultimate experience. Such ideas are comforting notions to the logical mind, because then it feels in charge of your spiritual procedure.

Good to know

When you find that your enlightenment is ever evolving, then you might have to forego some false comforts and improper limits your logical mind has been indulging in. If you give up the notion of a last state of enlightenment, then you would also need to give up the notion that there are particular men and women that are enlightened. In the end, if enlightenment isn’t a thing, but instead an ever-evolving procedure, then you can just say that someone is extremely accomplished within an ever-infinite spectrum of consciousness.

However, it would not be correct to assert that a person has attained a last status of enlightenment. At best, they’re only more experienced in countries of subtle consciousness than you might be. You may, of course, meet people, and read novels, each asserting that a specific individual they believe in is definitely enlightened, and the suitable answer to this claim would be to agree. This is because people who insist on final states of perfection are less likely to create their own spiritual discoveries.

And thus, you can allow people to believe what they believe, because that is what their spirit is prepared for at this moment. Many individuals have experienced the deeper levels of their own character, and thus that they get their information from sources which are produced to bring structured — although, restricted — understanding to the religious experience. This is why it’s more convenient for many people to believe in such a thing as particular enlightened masters.

A process

To believe in this thing frees them from having to do the internal work of discovering their own internal infinite heights of spiritual depth. And it pleases their logical minds, so they need never encounter the potentially overwhelming sense of amazement their own infinite thickness would inspire. It’s not a loss, however, that many souls aren’t prepared to perform the internal spiritual exploration themselves, because spirits are prepared for their own religious awakenings only when they’re prepared to resonate with that vibration.

Deeper truth is a higher vibration, and spirits are only slowly able to advance through their incarnations, so that if they’re prepared, they are able to resonate with the deeper realizations. And so your vast inner cosmic ego invites you inside. But how can you communicate with such vastness? This is the terrific thing, because as vast as your consciousness is, it’s also wise and kind. And so once you speak to your inner infinite kingdom, just put your attention there, breathe, relax into it, and let yourself feel that adventure. Let yourself talk, if you prefer, and ask the simplest questions.

Did you anticipate your soul to thunder at you, like it were on a throne throwing lightening bolts? Infinite wisdom lets your spirit talk as simply to you as you require. And so you may prepare to be amazed, not by something overwhelming, but by something so easy you could really experience it with ease and elegance. Suppose you have your internal experiences, and you would like to talk about them? Actually, there’s not much to say about any of these things, since it’s only through your willingness to experience your inner vast self which you could make the discoveries.

It’s a curious thing that although you’ll have the knowingness your encounter brings you, when you try to clarify it, you might discover that your words will only have meaning to people willing to create the essential inner journey themselves. And this is the situation with mystics. Their words are misinterpreted by people who are themselves reluctant to have the experiences, though such encounters can be rather simple to attain.

Final Recommendation

So, by all means, explore your true centre. But if you start discussing your experiences, do not let naïve men and women form a faith around you, and do not indulge in a distinctive attitude. Although your internal experiences are extremely meaningful, such encounters are attainable by anyone willing to own them. And each individual, though their expertise will have something in common with other people’s expertise, will have their own completely unique experience. That’s crucial, because it means your insights — as well as their insights — may all be significant, but all these encounters aren’t the ultimate truth.

These realizations bring you into the eternal paradox of mystical experiences. You can not have somebody else’s expertise, and they can not have yours. You can discuss it, and you can meditate with people and discuss on a subtle non-verbal level, but finally, they’re having their expertise with universal reality, and you’re having yours. That’s ok, though, because when you get your inner reality, and other folks access their own inner reality, the synergy of those awakened experiences creates a mutually uplifting resonance. This awakened subtle harmony gently cultivates higher consciousness on Earth.

Now you know your true center is inside, and you can experience it layer by layer. You realize that the only way to get there would be to get your own mindful experience, so you’re free to create your spiritual discoveries. May you have your realizations easily and elegance, and can each moment in your true centre lead you to the following, even deeper period of subtle recognition. And may you discover your ever-deeper centre shows the next layer of the fact for you, in the proper way, with each breath you take.