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How To Cure My Sinusitis In 7 Days?

Sinus problems have been a problem for generations. These remedies were common home remedies that were used before modern medication. Modern medicine and science can provide relief from sinusitis. However, there are still some old-fashioned remedies that may be useful in treating congested sinuses.

Take Note

  • Cayenne pepper was a popular home remedy. One teaspoon of cayenne pepper would be added to a cup of boiling water. This would make three cups per day.
  • Eucalyptus would be a popular home remedy. They would inhale a mixture boiled water and a few drops eucalyptus oils while covering their heads with a large towel. The steam would then be inhaled for 10 minutes.
  • Salt mixed with water can be used as a nasal inhaler.
  • Because of its strong antiseptic qualities, thyme has been used for respiratory infections for centuries. One to two teaspoons of thyme were boiled in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then, they would drink one cup three times per day. Thyme is a natural drying herb that can be used to dry the body.


Some people still use these home remedies to treat their sinusitis. Others turn to modern medicine for relief. Although natural home remedies can relieve symptoms, they won’t treat an infection due to bacteria in the sinus cavities. If there is a sinus infection, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

Sinus infections that are caused by viruses or allergies will not respond to antibiotics. Most likely, your health care provider will also recommend decongestants to ease symptoms. The use of over-the-counter decongestants can reduce the mucus levels in the sinus cavities and thus reduce the pain associated with sinusitis. Some nasal sprays can be used while others can be taken as pills.

Facial Massage

A facial massage is another simple way to relieve troublesome sinuses. It has been reported that a facial massage can temporarily relieve sinusitis by pressing your thumbs on the nose for between 15 and 30 seconds.

This will bring in fresh blood to the area. Another remedy for sinus problems is to use a vaporizer at nights. While dry air can cause severe discomfort at night, the vaporizer’s arm air will eliminate any nighttime discomfort. No matter what method you use to treat a blocked sinus, it is important to get treatment. Chronic sinusitis can develop if the sinus problem is not treated. Chronic sinusitis can last more than 12 weeks and then linger for many years.