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How To Break Bad Habits?

Most of the things which you do are habitual. From the minute you wake up to the minute that you sleep, you follow a set of habits. Your habits, good or bad, says a good deal about who you are and what lifestyle you have. It’s a strong grip in your health it can either destroy it or enhance it. So in case you would like a greater quality of life, here are seven ways to break bad habits.

Do it for 30 Days

This technique tells you to concentrate on one bad habit like smoking, and NOT do it for another thirty days. That length of time will permit you to condition yourself to eliminate the bad habit. This also works in creating a great habit such as exercising, just do it for thirty days and that will certainly turn into a habit also. Perform a fantastic ritual.

The ritual mentioned is an action you will need to perform in front of a habit. For instance, if you’ve got the desire to smoke, then finish a bubble gum . If you are on a diet and you’ve got the need to eat a cheeseburger, eat a fruit . This can help break the typical cycle of a bad habit so that you can eliminate it easily. Replace a bad habit. Removing a habit, especially a bad one, leaves you with a sense of an empty space that you will need to fill. This may trigger a new set of bad habits to replace the old one. So be certain you replace a bad habit with a good one. For instance, if you would like to cut back on tv, be certain you use that free time to work out or do something effective. Do it one at a time. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

If you have to eliminate your customs, do it one at a time. Just concentrate on a single bad habit first, eliminate it completely, and then proceed to the next. Write it down. Goals are easier to reach when it’s clear and visible. For those who have habits that you will need to eliminate, write it down on a sheet of paper like a to-do list and be certain you put it somewhere that you could always see it. When you are done with a single addiction, write it off. That will provide you a feeling of accomplishment and a means to learn how you progress. Let others know. Making a public commitment motivates you to reach your goals because people, particularly those near you may expect you to follow through.

More tips

You can either tell people up front or use social networking tools such as a site, Facebook, or perhaps Twitter to make that statement. In addition to that, you will even receive favorable comments from those who will help you realize your targets. Reward yourself. When you successfully removed a terrible habit on your system, it pays to reward yourself for the effort. When you do, always look at a wholesome alternative. Let’s say you managed to cut-off some TV time and replaced it with a fitness regimen, buy yourself a pair of jogging shoes. That way it will inspire you to flip running into a custom.


Habits are merely choices made daily. If you regularly make great decisions then you make good customs. If you frequently make bad decisions then you create bad habits. It’s simple as that. So before deciding to do something on a regular basis that you believe you will have difficulty stopping, then it is better to steer clear of it than suffer later on. Do you make healthy decisions? How can you eliminate bad habits? Tell us all about it by writing it down below.