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How To Avoid Skin Rash?

Among the most common forms of contact dermatitis is the one you get from wearing jewelry. Some jewelry comprises substances which may be harsh to the skin. Nickel, as an instance, can cause rashes that appear reddish, scaly, and very bothersome. Such skin rash may appear on the neck, the wrist, and other parts of your body where you frequently wear jewelry.

Did you know?

Although allergy from jewellery can be obtained by anyone, it is more common in many women than in men. This sort of skin rash may last up to a month even when handled. If you don’t need to get such allergy, the best thing you could do is to prevent jewelry pieces which are known to cause skin irritation. Despite the fact that there’s absolutely no cure for rash, they can readily be controlled by using over-the-counter-medications and prescription medication meant for management of skin rash.

When it comes to contact dermatitis, the most common treatment prescribed by dermatologists are topical corticosteroids. Corticosteroids in the form of creams and lotions can decrease inflammation because of allergy. You can even try oral corticosteroids provided that you have a physician’s prescription since they can’t be bought over-the-counter unlike many corticosteroid creams. If you are undergoing treatment for skin rash, avoid wearing jewelry until you are completely healed as doing so might only interfere with the effect of this medication.

Skin rashes

It’s not only substances in jewellery which may cause skin rashes. Some of the gadgets that you use every day may contain elements which could be harsh to your skin. Take your mobile phone for example. There are mobile phone covers created from metals and other components that irritate your skin particularly on your ears. Therefore, if you know that your skin is quite sensitive to a certain sort of material, avoid contact with that thing.

You may exacerbate your skin rash should you continue touching it, and it might even be worse if you scrape it all of the time. The only time you should touch or handle your skin when you have skin rash is if you are applying creams and other kinds of medication. Scratching a rash can make it bleed, and when that occurs, bacteria that might be infecting the wound may spread to surrounding skin tissues and infect them too.


Most of the types of jewelry that cause skin rash are the ones that are produced from cheap elements. If you would like to invest in jewelry, invest in high quality ones rather than on imitations. Jewelry made from pure silver or gold seldom lead to skin irritation since they don’t contain impurities like nickel that are frequently the reason for skin rash.