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Pourquoi essayer les remèdes naturels contre la goutte ?

It’s 2:00 AM. You are still asleep after enjoying a delicious surf and turf dinner at the top restaurant in town. The soft cotton sheet against your big toe suddenly causes intense stinging pain. This could be an acute Gout attack, which can occur after consuming high-protein foods. You can choose from natural or prescription Gout remedies. However, you must vow to manage the flare-ups and prevent future attacks.

What is Gout?

Before you can administer any type of gout treatment, you must first understand the condition that is ailing. Gout is a type of hereditary metabolic Arthritis that causes severe pain in one joint. It is usually a great toe but can also affect the elbow, knee, or hand. There may also be redness, warmth, swelling, and inflammation. Your doctor will examine you and test for elevated Uric Acid levels. Your doctor will then recommend a treatment for Gout.

Your doctor will recommend Gout treatment and medication. Gout is a common condition that affects approximately 3.3 million Americans, with more men aged 30-60 than women. It can be difficult to find the right combination of treatment for Gout and natural remedies that is effective, safe, and reliable. Let’s first look at the physiological basis of Gout before we get into the treatments and natural remedies. Gout can be treated with either a prescribed or natural method.

Natural Methods

Do you remember the elevated Uric Acid levels in your blood tests? Uric Acid is a crystalline substance found in urine. It is a byproduct of the normal breakdown of proteins in our cells. Uric Acid is not properly metabolized in Gout. It forms crystals which can then spill into the blood stream and accumulate in the joint area, causing severe pain and inflammation. Purine can also be found in protein-rich foods like seafood, poultry, organ meats and yeast products.

To prevent future flares, avoid these foods (and alcohol). Gout is treated quickly by addressing the pain immediately. Both prescription and over-the-counter Analgesics, such as Indomethacin and Acetaminophen, are effective in relieving pain and inflammation. Prescription drugs for Gout are different from natural remedies. They target different mechanisms to reduce blood levels of Uric Acid.

Traitements naturels

Gout natural treatment must be closely monitored by your physician. Side effects can be dangerous if taken with prescription drugs. Be kind to yourself during the acute phase. Keep hydrated by drinking at minimum 96 ounces of fluid daily. Keep your TV remote handy, with your feet elevated. Avoid weight bearing. Drinking alcohol can only worsen symptoms.

Gout can be treated naturally with dietary supplements, vitamins, and herbs. Vitamins E and B complex, Folic Acid, and Evening Primrose Oil are all included. Bromelain, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound from pineapple, has been proven to be effective in Gout’s acute phase. Vitamin C may also be beneficial, but there are conflicting theories about the best treatment for Gout.


Gout treatment can be done naturally in your own kitchen. Gouty arthritis can also be treated with delicious foods. Although there is not enough evidence to prove it, a small study showed that Uric Acid levels dropped after eating large amounts of Bing cherries and other blue or red berries. This home remedy is popular for lowering Uric Acid levels as a natural treatment for Gout. Gout symptoms can be managed by eating complex carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, and pasta. You can have a customized plan for your dining pleasure. You might even get a good night’s rest!