Un jeune père aimant, allongé sur le sol avec des enfants jouant ensemble avec des briques de construction, un père aimant s'amuse pendant un week-end en famille avec de jeunes enfants engagés dans une activité enfantine amusante à la maison.

Pourquoi apprendre à jouer ?

Children should play, adults aren’t. As an adult, we’re prepared to behave and conform to the standards of society; they tell us to walk without running, maintain our voice controlled, do not disrupt, do not climb, do not jump, do not shout, and the list continues on and on. Most people actually think that is what qualifies a person to be an adult and a suitable, socialized citizen.


By upholding this belief, nearly all adults become stiff, unyielding- cutting imagination and play almost completely from their lives. Yet play is the greatest new behavior generator. It’s a boundless source for experimentation and creativity. If I’m talking to someone and ask them to attempt something they might feel uncomfortable or fearful of doing this activity, or answering the questions. By putting the word, envision, facing the question, I’m inviting a mental shift and encouraging imagination and play to happen, thereby changing the psychological state of that individual.

Now, that person feels free to explore without self doubts and fears holding them back. This is the power of drama. I frequently encounter people who say, “Oh, I can not learn that, I’m too old.” Another comment I often hear is, “Children learn much quicker then adults, the adult brain isn’t capable of soaking up information how a child’s brain is.” Well, if you think that, then it surely is true for you, but I do not. Actually, people often tell me that I learn extremely quickly and my answer is,”I learn faster, better, and smarter today than I ever did before.” In part this is a result of my personal philosophy and attitude towards learning and the connection between learning and play.

Play enables me to experiment, be creative, lighthearted and carefree. I had been teaching my boss, a serious man of 60 years old, the way to use his new laptop. He had been listening to me and carefully moving the mouse around the screen, following my directions. The whole process of teaching him the fundamentals of a program proved excruciatingly slow since he was not able to get past his fear of destroying or screwing something up.


La prudence a pris le pas sur la fascination et l'enthousiasme, et le résultat a été une procédure d'apprentissage vraiment difficile et fastidieuse. Si je plaçais un adulte vif à sa place, oui cette espèce existe, alors cet individu sauterait sur tous les menus, appuierait sur tous les boutons et explorerait rapidement les nouveaux choix de l'ordinateur. Si vous avez oublié comment faire, il n'est jamais trop tard pour réapprendre à jouer, c'est simple, c'est naturel, et les scientifiques commencent à apprendre que c'est essentiel pour le développement. Apprenez à cultiver une attitude vive et curieuse envers les choses nouvelles et familières ; c'est la meilleure recette pour rester jeune, actif et intelligent.