Human Thymus Anatomy Illustration. 3D render

Why Is Thymus The Place Of Happiness In Your Body?

There’s a place within our body which may be known as a”place of happiness.” And it’s extremely easy to discover. It’s called thymus. Located in the upper portion of the torso, between the fourth and fifth chakras.


Translated from Greek means “life force”. In the 60’s of the last century, it dawned on scientists that the thymus gland is related to the organs of the immune system as the most important organ. Long-term observations have revealed that human life largely depends on this pink receptor, especially the life of kids, that are under five years old. Then the use of the thymus gland begins to fade.

By age 30, it decays nearly entirely, and nearer to forty, usually there’s absolutely not any trace remains. Doctors think: the later it disappears the better. And because the thymus can slow down the body’s biological clock, in other words, slow down the aging procedure. Yet it’s not necessary to fear the natural extinction of the thymus gland. There’s absolutely not any danger to human life.

Système immunitaire

Like most organs in the immune system, the thymus enjoys protein which, on one hand, is a construction material for the antibodies, and another – enhances the action of its own cells. Moreover, preference should be given to proteins of animal origin (they can be found in fish, meat, cheese, dairy products, spirulina, buckwheat, beans). Along with protein diet thymus enjoys thermal treatments also. It will appreciate the sauna, hot compress, rubbing ointments based on essential oils, no more than 5-10 days, preferably just prior to the period of colds.

Thymus absolutely can’t stand the stress (noise, temperature fluctuations, anesthesia). During pressures thymus shrinks, causing a reduction of energy. Therefore, thymus ages and wears faster for nervous people and who prefer to take risks. Also malfunction of the thymus could result from lack of cortisol – a hormone made by the adrenal glands. How to stimulate the thymus gland? Weaken thymus can be energized by a very simple method in a matter of moments.

Note finale

The system consists in patting 10-20 times with the palms in the area of thymus. This way it’s possible to stabilize the body in a couple of seconds and fill it with life-giving energy. You could also just put your hands on the thymus and allow energy to flow. This is another powerful way to get vitality. If you frequently, every morning and lots of times a day repeat this process, then after a brief time period you will feel a lot stronger. You may add affirmations such as:”I’m young, healthy, beautiful,” or anything else positive. When your thymus gland is activated, you can feel the goose bumps and a feeling of joy and happiness. It could take some time till you feel something.