Tristesse d'une belle femme asiatique assise sur le sol de la cuisine, serrant ses genoux et fermant les yeux.

Que savoir sur l'anxiété et la dépression ?

We’re somewhat readily frustrated by things we can’t explain, but there’s a paradox in a puzzle. Paradoxes appear as contradictions, and much mental illness gifts as a contradiction. Many folks seem to be happy and to’have it all together’ when actually they could feel emptier by the day.

C'est un paradoxe.

Another paradox is the way the healing opportunity gifts. Whenever we confess the puzzle that we’re overwhelmed by grief or despair or worry and we do not know what to do, there in full view at times is the recovery chance. At the end is the beginning. Opposites are sometimes quite close to one another. But a hardening of our hearts, because we want things in ways which make sense to us, does not do us any favours. We can not just’snap out’ of depression or anxiety.

Ils sont trop fidèles à notre expertise pour cela. De nombreux paradoxes sont des mystères qui ne peuvent être expliqués et qui ne demandent qu'à être acceptés. Des choses comme la dépression et l'anxiété exigent une réaction efficace. Et parmi ces réponses efficaces, il y a celle qui consiste à trouver une solution au puzzle avant que la maladie ne devienne indescriptible. Cela ne signifie pas que nous devons abandonner. Nous n'avons pas besoin d'avoir la capacité de tout expliquer pour comprendre que les choses sont ce qu'elles sont.

Maladie mentale

Could it be that there’s a paradox in the manner of mental illness? That it’s surrender and release, rather than holding onto our power, that’s the key? When we accept the puzzle, which takes us into release and surrender, our minds and hearts suddenly open to the options for assistance. Our shame is overcome, and we might even understand that there’s nothing to be ashamed about – it is not God’s will that we feel inadequate whatsoever.

It’s actually God’s will that we surrender before him in the presence of knowledge we can’t know. When we give up trying to understand what might be incomprehensible we’re open to God’s leading and the help he can provide through different clinical ways. We should trust those that have a backable credibility for assisting. One of the primary keys of life is that of approval, and, better still, the approval of these mysteries we simply can’t explain.

But approval, as a consequence, is a journey. The more we can take these puzzles that can not be explained, the more we’ve matured. And maturity, since the goal, and expansion, since the procedure; these are truly the real goals of life. When we are stuck inside a hole that’s depression, or we’re always exploiting ourselves at an apprehensive flurry of chaotic head-and-heart-space, aspects of maturity and growth seem beyond us.


As we accept the puzzle we open the door to trust, and it’s hope we will need to gird our way to the future; into a fashion of being that is secure and reliable and dependable. Such hope begets peace. Accepting that occasionally anxiety and depression are puzzles helps a whole lot. In actuality, it can open the door to trust. And though acceptance might be a challenging place to reach, expect is what gets us all the way there along the journey.