Angle bas d'un homme méconnaissable, pieds nus, en tenue de sport, en train de se concentrer et de faire des exercices de yoga avec le chien tête en bas, alors qu'il s'entraîne seul à la maison.

Connaissiez-vous ces avantages surprenants du yoga ?

There are lots of physical benefits yoga of practicing yoga regularly, by way of instance, improved flexibility, and core strength etc.. However, the nonphysical benefits are less well documented, but still very much a benefit. Some of the non-physical advantages of regularly engaging in yoga are summarized below. When practicing yoga you’re encouraged to regulate your breathing with meditation and deep breathing methods. This lets you slow your breathing; leaving you, feeling much more relaxed.


However, there has also been research completed that points to a stimulation of brain activity, resulting in a more favorable mood. The study found an increase in Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)-ergic activity for individuals who practiced yoga regularly. The research was conducted over 12 months and when compared to a group that completed a walking action in comparison to a group of participants practicing yoga regularly, finding higher levels of GABA in the yoga class.

Low levels of GABA are associated with depression and anxiety. Yoga has been demonstrated to increase an individual’s ability to focus and concentrate. Research has demonstrated that people are a lot more able to concentrate and keep their concentration after a yoga practice. Researchers compared a yoga group to one that had performed a normal workout in the gym and found that the gym team, on being asked to do tasks, lacked attention. T

here were no definitive answers as to why this might happen. However, researchers pointed to the fact that yoga increases your self-awareness and contributes to a less nervous state where cognitive functioning can be improved. Yoga has long been demonstrated to enhance the connection between body and mind, predominantly through the use of poses and particular breathing methods.

Le saviez-vous ?

Particular poses and breathing techniques are shown to improve blood circulation to the brain and throughout the nervous system. The’conversation’ your body has between the psychological and the physical can be improved by several kinds of motion and exercise. Yoga is excellent for this purpose as it promotes movement to be synchronized with breathing regulation. Ultimately, yoga is all about unity of body and mind, with them being two sides of the same coin. Self-awareness or self-knowledge is encouraged by many psychotherapists and natural healers.

Those seeking this should be cautioned it is not simple. However, yoga can bring about this awareness and the benefits are terrific. Once this has been attained, life becomes a much richer experience, with an outlook on life and overall positive attitude that permits the yoga practitioner to undergo physical senses not usually felt within the boundaries of normal consciousness.

Les sentiments qui ne sont pas envahis par les mots ou les pensées peuvent être un péché, entraînant des changements subtils mais certainement perceptibles dans l'esprit et l'âme. En apprenant à ignorer le bavardage de l'esprit tout en renforçant l'ensemble du corps, vous avez la possibilité de percer les secrets de la connaissance de soi. Les exemples ci-dessus ne sont que quelques exemples, la pointe de l'iceberg pour ainsi dire, concernant les avantages non physiques et généraux du yoga. Le yoga est tout simplement fantastique, commencez dès maintenant !