Taches sombres, taches de rousseur, hyperpigmentation (mélasma ou chloasma)

Qu'est-ce que l'acné kystique ?

Cystic acne is one of the worst and most severe types of vulgaris. It’s characterized by heavy breakouts that develop mostly on the face although other body parts may be affected. Very many individuals have a very shallow understanding of this disorder because they have a tendency to confuse any acute conditions to be cystic thus this guide will discuss it to give you a thorough understanding of who can suffer from the disease, The principal causes in addition to treatment.

Under the skin

To begin with, a man suffering from this will surely experience a whole lot of pain that’s occasioned by bumps that develop under the skin. These lumps are soft and full of fluid and can have a very long period of time to cure. Despite the fact that this disorder is mostly related to young boys, anyone is at risk of contracting acne. This may be serious more so when it is a family problem because as it is inherited from 1 member to another.

Il y a de fortes chances que vous ayez connu la même chose à un moment donné de votre vie, lorsqu'un membre de votre famille a souffert de cette maladie. Cependant, vous n'avez pas à vous inquiéter outre mesure de tomber malade, car cela dépend de plusieurs facteurs. Ses causes les plus importantes ne sont pas différentes de celles qui provoquent d'autres types d'acné.

The important one is overactive oil glands since once excess sebum is produced then it stays in the body and end up blocking the sebaceous ducts leading to a blockage. Under such environment, it’s easier for germs that cause the disease to flourish which is dangerous. The next cause of cystic acne is abnormal shedding of dead skin cells in which they’re replaced with new ones. If it happens to someone whose skin is extremely vulnerable to this disorder then it will become severe because cells are generates more times than under ordinary conditions. This can prove to be quite dangerous since the skin of a prone person doesn’t shed the dead cells in a suitable way thus very many are left in the body worsening the situation.


There’s the proliferation of germs and if you’re a victim of the disorder then bacteria increase in population because there’s a favorable environment. The significant effect of the disorder is due to skin cells in acute conditions which leaves skin with permanent scars. An affected individual will in the majority of times feel ashamed over his skin condition. Seeking a physician’s advice is the only appropriate means of treating this disorder but you can take charge of the scars quite early through aggressive therapy.