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Quelles sont les bases de l'auto-hypnose ?

The easy method of is available to everyone for fashioning desired changes in their lives. Changing undesirable habits, such as ou , is one of the more prevalent uses of hypnosis. Self hypnosis can be used by some to change personality traits such as or shyness. This is a helpful technique for everybody searching to create a few changes in their own lives.

Le saviez-vous ?

En fait, l'esprit a deux composantes : l'une est le conscient. et l'autre est votre . Some things change very little from daily; matters such as our customs, our tastes in ou et nos perspectives sont assez constantes. Ces choses résultent normalement de notre propre . Parental influence, , peer influence, mentor influence, private decisions, amongst other things, form us to be what we are now. But there pretty much always comes a moment in lorsque le changement est souhaité, il peut néanmoins être pénible.

This is because it’s our mind that controls those things and in a competition for control, the subconscious wins the conscious. A general approach to launch self-hypnosis is in a relaxed posture, seated or lying down, eyes closed, breathing deeply and counting down from 10 to 1 on every exhale. This will usually produce a light hypnotic state that may be further improved by visualizing being in a calm spot like a beach, a backyard, a forest, etc. Visualization can cause effects quite much like a real experience of being there. This is because the mind can’t recognize the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined.


It is a learned which might be improved over time. Often, those who self-hypnosis discover they can become relaxed enough to pass into a trance, but they are stumped for what to do next. There’s not any hypnosis professional there whenever you’re using self-hypnosis and for that reason no guidance. Self treatment follows attaining the trance position. At this time you must have a preset aim to operate with. This usually means you have to have scripted a definite image of what you need and how to achieve it until you originate the condition.


Après avoir provoqué la position de relaxation, ou transe, le script doit être répété encore et encore pour s'incruster dans votre subconscient. La plupart des gens utilisent cette position hypnotique de temps en temps dans leur vie sans s'en rendre compte. Cela peut être lorsqu'ils lisent un livre formidable, regardent un film ou une série télévisée, jouent d'un instrument de musique ; ou lorsqu'ils sont occupés par un travail qui aura tendance à vous amener à réduire votre concentration et votre absorption mentale. L'auto-hypnose vous donne la capacité de moduler vos habitudes et vos comportements.