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Pourquoi un changement de régime alimentaire est le meilleur traitement de l'acné ?

Western medicine is notoriously sophisticated when it comes to drug formulations and targeted medicine approached from a perspective based in deductive science. It has, however, been largely a failure when it comes to being open to alternatives to medical issues that come from outside the domain of deductive science. That’s the reason for many years western medicine failed to draw ties between acne and diet.

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Medical development, and remedies for acne sufferers, has improved significantly within the past 15 years alone. Yet the issue of acne has stayed largely uncurbed, until lately. In the last couple of years empirical research trickled and are now flooding in suggesting that there are connections between diet and acne. The basic premise of the study is that eating refined carbohydrates and sugar is the greatest culprit for many people’ problems with acne.

The scientific theory holds that if sugar and carbohydrates are metabolized they contribute to a rise in insulin and an abrupt expansion factor known as IGF-1 production. This expansion factor then causes male hormones to start being produced within the body in much greater amounts. These growth hormones contribute directly to an increase the amount of sebum produced.


Sebum is the grease-like substance that emerges in your pores that people often describe as’oily skin’. Sebum then clogs your pores and causes to an accumulation of bacteria in these pores that cannot escape due to the sebum. This of course ultimately results in acne. That rather exhaustive explanation describes simply this; once you have refined carbohydrates and sugars that you may aggravate your skin, clog pores, and create acne.

So, what’s the solution? Unsurprisingly, it could be to cut back on sugars and refined carbohydrates such as candies and pastas. These foods provide us with hardly any of the nutrients we need while providing us with a good deal more by way of clogged pores. In reality, recent studies are showing that these foods might be so bad for you that your body really fights them as it does an illness, through the production of white blood cells. Not only do these white blood cell expenses temporarily reduce your immune system, but they also cause your body to produce more waste, some of which is exuded through your pores. But it might surprise you to know that giving up chocolate and spaghetti might not be the only way to begin getting clearer skin.

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Rather, there are numerous foods, specifically raw vegetables and antioxidants that can actively clear skin up. These foods act as a type of cleansing inside the body to soak up toxins, also called free radicals, which are often expelled as germs through the skin. So in effect, after a better diet can attack the issue of acne in two unique ways, cutting down sugars and refined carbohydrates will cause your body to produce less of the pore clogging sebum, while increasing your intake of raw veggies will significantly cut back on the quantity of bacteria that’s exuded through your pores. Combined, both of these techniques will cut down your propensity to endure acne.