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Le miel sucré peut-il provoquer une allergie au miel ?

Honey is a sort of food that’s made by bees. They utilize the flower nectar to develop with this sweet food. Since honey is a product of bees and pollen, the individual that has an allergy to pollen or bee stings is more likely to come up with a honey allergy. This sort of allergy presents symptoms which may vary from 1 person to another.


However, this allergy is neither severe nor deadly. Moreover, it can be treated readily. When honey allergy happens, the immune system identifies honey as a harmful chemical. It is going to shortly release antibodies, followed by the release of histamine to resist the unidentified substance. This response causes visible effects which may be observed through the body. The intensity of the symptoms is dependent upon how allergic the man or woman is to the substance.

Fortunately, honey can be prevented easily since it’s not a frequent ingredient in drinks and food. Like any other allergy, honey allergy provides discomfort to the victim. The individual will experience tongue swelling, itchy throat, watery eyes, itchy lips, hives, running nose, and constant sneezing. Other individual may have skin discomfort, excessive congestion, and headaches. Though this allergy isn’t normally serious, it may also cause infections, foggy mind, and depressed immune system. However, symptoms vary from 1 person to another.

Allergie au miel

Honey allergic reaction can be avoided by avoiding all drinks and meals that have honey in their makeup. Torones, Greek pastries and baklava are the most common foods that contain honey. Therefore, they need to be prevented by a individual who has developed an allergy to this sweet, natural product. Some restaurants serve tea that’s sweeten with honey. It’s a good idea for honey allergy suffers to look at the ingredients of the beverages and dishes that they order in a restaurant.

Les étiquettes des produits alimentaires doivent toujours être vérifiées deux fois afin de s'assurer que la substance dangereuse ne s'y trouve pas. En outre, la personne allergique doit toujours avoir des antihistaminiques à portée de main, car même une tranche de gâteau d'apparence savoureuse peut déclencher une réaction allergique indésirable. Bien que l'allergie au miel ne soit pas aussi dangereuse que d'autres allergies, les médecins prescrivent tout de même un traitement car même une légère réaction allergique peut évoluer avec le temps vers une maladie plus grave. Les antihistaminiques sont le remède idéal pour toutes les allergies. Ils parviennent à traiter les symptômes de cette allergie en quelques minutes.

Bon à savoir

Experts claim that they’re ready to annihilate the effects of the dangerous substance in no longer than fifteen minutes. However, if antihistamines aren’t enough and the condition still persists, an individual should definitely request a professional’s advice. Severe honey allergy might result in a complication called anaphylactic shock. This is the most severe and deadly complication which may occur to a individual that has an allergy history. The individual will experience difficulty in breathing, seizures, fainting and dizziness. This condition can’t be overcome just through the government of over-the-counter or common drugs. In cases like this, medical aid provided be experts is absolutely required. The allergy sufferer should prevent people around them about his/her condition in order to get proper help when required. Honey allergy shouldn’t be considered superficially as it can lead to serious health problems to the victim.