Groupe de personnes faisant des exercices de gymnastique avec des ballons gonflables dans un gymnase.

L'exercice physique combat-il les migraines ?

Endorphins also rise (the brain’s happy drug! Great just. Sounds fine. But how on earth can you do that whenever your head is exploding? And if you’ve got a daily headache, Should you have a headache that’s mild but bearable, get a walk. Everyday that it could be managed by you, do exactly the same.

Que faire ?

Gradually raise the walking to an easy walk and build up a sweat. You will have days once the migraine attack strikes and you also won’t be in a position to exercise, however they might start reducing in frequency. Another tip would be to select a sport or activity that you like but are frightened to enjoy due to your headaches.

Start small again. After all, Do not forget to pre-hydrate with a lot of water before exercising and also have a small amount of food one hour roughly before. Headache victims shall provoke a headache through dehydration and low blood sugar levels, and exercise shall only magnify these effects. Then if you get yourself a headache during exercise it really is natural at fault the exercise rather than wish to accomplish it again.

Basically, in case you are a headache sufferer, exercise must turn into a real life-style. This will help to keep your migraines and tension headaches manageable even. This way you can find from living a life centered around your headaches away, and begin living a complete life.