Mes migraines sont-elles des réactions allergiques ?

Allergy Headaches: Are My Migraines Really Allergy Reactions? Although allergy headaches are controversial in medicine, many people still believe that migraines can be caused by food allergies. A true allergic reaction may cause the release of histamine, itching, and swelling. This means that a reaction to food is not considered an allergy if it is only a migraine.

Stuffy Nose

But, I Have A Stuffy nose? This is the most common comment I hear from patients about their migraines. Please review your migraine symptoms to help you understand your condition. You should consult your doctor if you have a stuffy nose due to allergy to pollen, animal hair, and other allergens. This could lead to severe allergic reactions such as swelling of the throat and swelling of the lips.

However, severe allergic reactions can be caused by shellfish, but most cases are not serious.


What Causes Migraine when I Eat These Foods? People who experience migraine headaches due to food allergies are usually allergic to the food. Monosodium glutamate, a preservative that can be found in many foods, is well-known. This is actually a case of food intolerance. Many people find that they can tolerate small amounts of migraine trigger foods that used to cause headaches. A diary is one of the best ways to avoid migraine triggers.

Once you have identified which foods are bad for you, the rest will be obvious. Another thing to consider is how many processed foods and chemicals you eat. Many migraineurs are sensitive to drugs and chemicals that can trigger migraines.

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You might also be affected by chemicals found in packaged foods, it would seem. It may be worth considering organic foods to reduce the incidence of chemically-induced migraine.


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