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Existe-t-il un bon régime pour la migraine ?

In treating , Les praticiens recommandent toujours aux patients de suivre un coupled with sufficient exercise. This is to help keep the body in its best level, to better deal with the symptoms of this disease. Nevertheless, most wish that their doctors could lay out a un plan à suivre pour guérir la migraine, un régime efficace contre la migraine.


Just as there isn’t any for migraine, there’s also no particular migraine diet. However, a healthy diet does exist, one that is going to make someone feel better and will help prevent certain diseases. This diet, which can be suggested for migraine sufferers, consists mostly of , vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meat, nuts and legumes. In making Il convient toutefois de tenir compte des déclencheurs alimentaires de la migraine. Le yaourt, les légumineuses et les noix sont connus pour déclencher une crise de migraine.

If a migraineur has identified his trigger, it needs to be left out of the migraine diet. There are particular foods to avoid too, like those rich in saturated fats, et . Colas, eggs, and cakes belong . is to be shunned as well. For migraineurs, this wouldn’t be a challenging thing to do because red beer and sont des déclencheurs courants. Certains ingrédients qui sont mélangés à la nourriture ordinaire doivent être supprimés du régime alimentaire, mais cela est plus difficile à faire car ils ne sont pas visibles.

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These compounds are tyramine found in legumes, nuts, beans and yogurt; nitrates used to preserve meats and found in hotdogs and bacon; MSG, a flavor enhancer widely used in Chinese dishes, phenylethylamine found in chocolate, et . Determining a food trigger requires time and energy. Migraineurs respond to food in various ways. It’s possible that one kind of food can begin an attack in one person while it requires a combination of many to impact another. A simple means of identifying a trigger is to keep a migraine diary recording the foods which were eaten and occurrences of strikes.

Après quelques mois, la victime aura la possibilité de trouver un modèle du type d'aliments à éviter. Le dossier ne se contentera pas de reconnaître les causes, il permettra également de repérer s'il existe des variables supplémentaires qui déclenchent également une migraine, comme des repas sautés ou des périodes menstruelles. Les corrélations entre les causes et les coups seront rendues plus évidentes avec la documentation. Lorsque l'association entre certaines sortes d'aliments et la migraine a été déterminée, la victime doit alors essayer de les supprimer de son régime alimentaire pendant plusieurs semaines.

Food removal is to be accomplished in a phase by phase procedure in order to not create abrupt changes in the individual’s lifestyle. Further, one needs to make sure essential minerals and continue to be taken in adequate quantities. Records of food and prevalence of attacks should nevertheless be kept. Most of all, this needs to be carried out only after consultation with the doctor. For the migraineur, it’s essential not just to eat right but to consume it in the ideal time and in the ideal way. This is the key to finding the proper migraine diet.