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How To Turn Back The Hands Of Time?

If you graph the health, longevity, and, finally, a group of people all born in the same calendar year, you will realize that, with hardly any exceptions, individuals age at a similar rate until they reach their late twenties or mid-thirties. With the exception of people who have endured rare genetic disorders, been in serious injuries, or has been stricken with an illness, everybody is essentially healthy and able.

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Men get to the peak of the curve of physical maturation in their late twenties, girls in their mid-thirties. What this signifies is at that moment, our bodies have completely grown, and we are at our strongest and most emotionally acute. Our genes matter. Genes simply make proteins, but how much of each protein a gene makes changes as we grow older and the ratio of some proteins to other proteins changes as we age.

But changing what we eat, such as from red meat to fish, might alter the proportion of proteins from the typical of an alder individual to a typical of a younger individual. Feeding your genes B vitamins, such as B17 in preventing cancer, and foliate can make them less vulnerable to chromosome breaks or substitutions. This sort of change in what your genes create or how they work with a change in your habits illustrates the control you can exert over your genes and the diseases that are characteristic of aging.

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Keeping your arteries healthy and youthful is the one most important thing you can do for your wellbeing. To put it simply, you are as young as your blood vessels. When your arteries aren’t taken care of correctly, i.e., once your diet is high in saturated or trans fats, they get clogged with fatty buildup, decreasing the quantity of oxygen and nutrients which may get to the cells. An oxygenated cell is extremely great in many ways but especially in preventing cancer.

There are four key kinds of dietary fat: saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturatedfat, and trans fat. The first three occur naturally. The fourth, trans fat, is generally an artificially generated product that imitates saturated fat. You might have noticed recently that some products will state about the package “no/or 0 percent trans fat”, but it’s advisable to check the label for “partially hydrogenated vegetable oils” or “hydrogenated oils” as a component.

Trans fats

If you see either recorded, you can be sure the product has trans fat. If the fat is solid when cooled, it will age you. For instance, most stick margarine is trans fat, as is a lot of the glaze on doughnuts. Since food producers aren’t required to list trans fats on their nutrition labels, trans fat is known as “the hidden fat.” The FDA suggested that the trans fat content be listed on labels because mid-2003, but some food makers fought this requirement. Bottom line, be watching for this”hidden fat” and keep away.

When your arteries become clogged with fatty buildup, not your cardiovascular system but also your whole body ages more quickly. Cardiovascular disease, which can be caused by b aging of the arteries, is the main source of heat attacks, strokes, various kinds of kidney disease, and memory loss. Even mild forms of cardiovascular disease which won’t really kill you can zap your energy and make you feel tired and old.


Small, easy-to-make changes in food choices and in lifestyle can profoundly enhance your arterial health and may undo a wonderful deal of the aging which has already taken place. As an example, reports reveal that garlic and olive oil together with tomato sauce reduction aging of the arteries. These foods may also reduce the probability that a cell is going to have a rest in its DNA that could cause cancer.

Switching from 1 fat (margarine or butter ) to another(nut or olive oil) can make your arteries and immune system several years younger. Along with caring for your arteries, do not allow your immune system make you older. As you get older, your immune system starts to get cluttered, ignoring important warning signs and becoming negligent.

You may end up with cancer or another disease caused by a malfunction of the immune system. When you’re young, normally genetic controls on your cells protect your cells from becoming cancerous. If one of those cellular controls slips up, all isn’t lost. Your bigger immune system may identify precancerous cells in the body and remove them, thus your body has a dual block from cancer, one on the cellular level and one on the organism-wide level.


As you get older, both the cell-based genetic controls as well as your immune system become prone to malfunction. Cancer and several sorts of arthritis are examples of a breakdown of the immune system, and that’s why arthritis is another disorder associated with aging. Fortunately, some food options and nutritional supplements can help. A bowl of fresh mixed berries is an exceptional way to help your body shed free radicals that may lead to cell damage, and a daily ingestion of a couple of raw apricot seeds is a excellent way to help prevent cancer.