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Comment traiter l'acné sévère ?

Are you tired, looking around to find the best treatment option for your acne? You’re not alone, it’s happened to many other individuals also. May be, your situation wasn’t even as bad as that of my friend that was bugged daily with repeated and persistent acne. Each day the street for him could result in local drug stores, bending over several containers and bottles earmarked for acne therapy. The drugs display numerous similarities.

Wonder no longer!

Do you need to know the secret? All acne medications are generally made from same sort of ingredients. And the reason isn’t far to see; in its heart, acne is only an accumulation of under-skin oil which was stubborn and may not be dried out from several pores in the epidermis. Because of this, more than eighty percent of these acne medications found over-the-counter are skin-cleansing established, to facilitate the opening of the pore and to stop the skin from collecting extra oil in the interim.

 Way too many Choices?

When confronted with chronic acne, it can be extremely debilitating and you might want to check out a lot of things to see it vanish! Sometimes you get lost and overwhelmed with the many options dancing before you which you do not know exactly what to do. The regional shops will give you a large variety and various options like soaps, lotions, pads and a lot more. After applying all these; only a few days later, you’re going to be taking a look at the dreadful condition once more in front of your own mirror!

Traitement naturel

If you have cystic acne that is a sort of chronic acne, then you would have to have in depth medical directives to take care of it. The cystic acne results in the outbreak of the components of under-skin pimple; this sort of acne is chronic in nature and might need adequate medications and therapy. Besides medical treatments, there are particular homemade remedies that are helpful in overcoming long-term acne like cyst acne.

One of several organic remedies for acute acne is using apple Cider vinegar; it’s also a verified homemade cure for several kinds of acne. This natural acne treatment technique works to bring the pH balance in the skin secure, so that the sufferer can quickly conquer acne issue. Another natural remedy for severe acne is that the mixture of water and baking soda; this functions to reduce excess oil when applied to the skin.

To produce this combination better for painful cystic acne, you may incorporate a small quantity of sea salt to itTo make this mixture more successful for inflamed cystic acne, you may add a little bit of sea salt into it.

Aspirin and honey do the work as well; employ a combination of crushed aspirin and water in your face, wash off after few minutes and apply honey to be the skin moisturizer in addition to anti-bacterial agent. This homemade remedy also helps in treating severe acne. Other organic treatments for severe acne comprises aloevera (which is frequently applied right to the face), lemon and cherry mix (to be washed off after few minutes) and also neem and turmeric.


Sometimes, chronic acne reveal itself with inflammation, severe skin damage and scarring, requires more extreme cure technique from the dermatologist. This sort of treatment includes drainage and surgical excision, Isotretinoin, Oral antibiotics and a couple of others.