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How To Start Your Detox Program?

Though life has admittedly become more comfortable due to technology along with a barrage of scientific discoveries, we’re much less conscious about their negative effects on our bodies as we ought to be. Almost everything we eat and drink was compromised in one way or another; be it through utilizing a lot of preservatives or injecting it would artificial minerals and vitamins.

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We now have tens of thousands of chemicals for everything – to cleanse our water, to improve the taste and extend the shelf life of our meals, to keep our gardens, to shine our furniture and also to keep the moisture from our makeup. Much of those chemicals are admittedly carcinogenic, but no or little clamor more has been made to eliminate them from the industry. It’s no surprise why many people know somebody who’s suffering from some sort of cancer or a disease that didn’t use to exist 10 years back.

Western medicine hasn’t helped in raising awareness for this very important procedure. A great deal of people still consider detoxification as something you do to withdraw from alcohol and drugs. But in the East, detoxification is very much a part of normal life and is regarded as a necessary evil towards preserving good health and lively demeanor.

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While science teaches us that our body cleanses its organs every couple of months by renewing its cells, our bodies still have to help. Our liver and gastrointestinal tracts are responsible for cleansing our bodies, but of course, they can’t sustain this cleansing for very long without breaking down. They get overwhelmed, and that’s why a liver cancer and colon cancer are the best diseases in the Western world.

When someone suffers from a disorder in both of these organs, the typical strategy is to bombard them with much more drugs. Sometimes this can do more damage than good. Also bear in mind that toxins and other “innocent” substances are absorbed by the body in more ways than one. While we might eat food contaminated with chemicals and preservatives, we also absorb toxins in the air we breathe, from the creams we use, from the hair dye which we employ and from the melancholy we suffer.

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We will need to filter this constant barrage of harmful toxins and chemicals occasionally. We will need to take in vitamins, fiber, minerals and all of the other enzymes to improve our immunity and assist our body repair itself. We run the danger of being unwitting victims to this chemical overload. The fantastic thing is that lately, an increasing number of people are becoming more health-conscious and are now turning to organic food and products.

Yet we still need to purify our bodies in the load we’d put it through, thus the need for detoxification and cleansing every now and then. Telltale signs that show your body’s detoxification process is having trouble are typically the following: precedence of rashes or itching, coughing and allergies, irritability and depression, intermittent headaches, an overall sense of fatigue, muscle fatigue and an upset stomach. Other symptoms include foul-smelling stool, diarrhea or constipation, acid reflux, or heartburn.


These symptoms strongly indicate an increasing sensitivity of your liver or GI tract to a specific chemical or additive. If you realize that you do suffer from any of these symptoms, consult with a physician or gastroenterologist. They might ask you to do a quick or to take some laxatives. These may work but only in the short term. Should you choose to carry out a detox, do some research first. There are numerous programs out there that is going to assist you in starting your detox program. Once you get started and you believe that the wholesome benefits of the program you have chosen, ensure you’re well able to keep this up and you incorporate it into the way you live.