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How To Improve Your Life?

I’m sure there isn’t any need to inform you that the brain is the most complicated organ in the world and it is totally involved in what we do. The mind is the center of the world, it’s our character, our personality. When the brain is functioning properly we will be too. We hear that we use less than 20 percent of our mind.

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Do we have some other organs which we use such a small bit? I somehow doubt that we have as much excess that we just have to use 20% to be”normal”. I’d suggest that we do actually use 100 percent of our brains. The creator isn’t that wasteful. We’re blessed with a Spiritual Mind or Higher Self that’s often ignored and is always misunderstood, (hence the 20 percent ). This Higher Self expresses our Innate Divine Nature.

It’s possible to merge in the energies and awareness of the Higher Self, by opening your Seven key Chakras. Here you have the ability to perceive all types of knowledge and ideas within the appropriate perspective. This will bring you psychological healing and strength. You’re a much more powerful being than you think you are. Your Higher Self is the connection to the world. Thankfully the Higher Self isn’t readily obscured by our Illusions, fortunately we could have clear intuitive insights and fresh truths.

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The Higher Self brings clarity to the abstract body which then brings to us our imagination and an internal strength through concrete thinking with our body. The Mental Body is concerned with concrete or knowledge thinking while the Etheric Body is concerned with Wisdom, which stems in the many life experiences. The Higher Self brings us Insights that are apparent and help us purify our perceptions of truth. The brain is really amazing with our thoughts, thinking and reasoning skills together with our creative abilities that allow us to relate meaningfully to our planet. Biologists realize that genes aren’t the only influences from the intercellular game that determines our personal wellbeing.

La membrane cellulaire, la partie de la cellule qui détecte et réagit au milieu environnant, l'esprit des cellules si vous préférez, est profondément importante. Qu'est-ce qui parle à vos cellules, et à vos propres organes, pour dire à votre cœur de battre et à vos organes de fonctionner ? C'est un autre système nerveux relié à votre esprit. Nous avons découvert que nous pouvions utiliser l'entraînement par vibrations des ondes cérébrales pour permettre à votre tronc cérébral de fonctionner comme il a toujours été censé le faire.


Life is supposed to be natural and free. Unfortunately we often suppress the natural ability of the mind with the tension and emotions that we routinely undergo daily. You might be surprised to know that each and every living creature possesses natural healing ability, which is basically the capacity to attract ones body back a normal state of health. With the stress and difficulties we find ourselves under in today,s society it’s increasingly difficult or impossible to return to a normal state of health. Sadly, many in our society are turning to alcohol and drugs to find relief.