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Comment améliorer votre santé digestive et stimuler votre système immunitaire

Scientists are now paying more attention to prebiotics since it’s been revealed that probiotics aren’t self sustainable; probiotic has to be nourished by prebiotic so as to survive and flourish. That’s the reason it’s important to eat foods which are prebiotics if you really need to boost your digestive health.

What are the effects?

Probiotics stimulates the natural production of friendly bacteria (probiotics) and suppress the growth of the bad guys. They also help boost the body’s resistance to infections and diseases. This is because the vast majority of the immune cells reside in the digestive tracts. So, unhealthy digestive tract equals unhealthy body.

What are the Foods which are Probiotics? Prebiotic foods essentially consist of unrefined whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Some of the foods include brown rice, whole grain wheat, kiwifruit, banana, raw onion, artichoke and leeks. You may even get prebiotics from items like dark chocolate, red wine and raw honey. It’s important to remember that not all of fruits, cereals or vegetables are prebiotics. One significant feature of prebiotic foods is they have to have components that non-digestible. This non-digestible parts are known as dietary fibers or soluble fibers; they pass through the small intestines and enter the large intestine where they stimulate and nourish the good bacteria. It’s the fermentation of these soluble fibers which helps stimulate the development of the bacteria that are good.

Prendre en compte

Eating foods which are prebiotics is not really something that comes handy for plenty of peoplenevertheless, you can begin by substituting some of the wrong foods you’re eating with the ideal ones. As an example, you can switch from white rice, bread and pasta into the brownish versions of those foods. When it comes to foods which are prebiotics, kiwi fruit is at the top; kiwi fruit is demonstrated to decrease constipation, boost the immune system, enhance cardiovascular health among a number of other benefits.


The dilemma is that you will need to eat the entire kiwi (skin included) to get all the nutrients. All of us know that the skin of kiwi isn’t palatable in flavor – which is where a prebiotic supplement which comprises the entire fruit is useful. Hence I suggest that you add an excellent kiwi-based supplement t your everyday regimen. This super-fruit comprises not only soluble fibers, but also enzymes and phenol compounds, which all work together in synergy to keep the digestive tracts in addition to enhance your immune system and standard well-being.