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How To Give Your Immune System A Boost?

A sluggish immune system may mean key problems, inviting a variety of potential health risks like cold, flu, respiratory disorders, digestion ailments and even diseases such as cancer. When traditional western medical practices aren’t sufficient to keep you in tiptop shape, consider digital acupuncture to give your immune system a boost.


The practice of acupuncture is based on centuries of traditional Chinese medicine which considers that if the energy in your body isn’t in balance, illness will follow. Your body consists of energy and this energy flows through channels known as meridians that link all elements of your body from emotions and ideas into the bones, organs and essential functions. Blocked energy along any one of these meridians can reduce your immune response, causing possible illness and pain.

Acupuncture can be very effective for you if western medicine hasn’t proven effective. While traditional acupuncture employs thin stainless steel needles to fit into different acupoints along the entire body, digital acupuncture uses a wand to supply electromagnetic stimulation to specific acupoints to clear energy blockages. When you stop and think about how you become ill, it isn’t always being exposed to germs.

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The greatest culprit is often fatigue and stress. Both of these factors create the energy pathways in the body that then undermine your immunity function. If you can’t get enough rest and your mind and body is trapped by anxiety, you don’t have the power to fight off disease or pain. With digital acupuncture, you mostly stimulate various acupoints in the wrist and hand which correspond to different parts of the body. The magnetic wave impulses delivered via the wand of the digital acupuncture apparatus enter through the acupoints where they break through energy blockages.


The result is a release of endorphins to boost energy in addition to an increase of oxygenated blood and white blood cells produced in the immune system to fight disease within the body. The fantastic news about digital acupuncture, aside from the absence of needles, is it is virtually painless and there are no side effects, unlike specific medical protocols and drugs used in traditional westernized medicine. The custom is non-invasive and several folks find pain relief, more energy and a boost to their immune system in only a couple electronic acupuncture sessions.