Concept de personnes lâchant leurs peurs, leur tristesse, leur chagrin et leur douleur.

Comment obtenir la liberté mentale ?

Resistance is a battle between one emotion and yet another. You want that feeling you get when you win and you attempt to avoid the experience of losing. Have you not done something because you talked too early and you could not change your position because of your stubbornness or perhaps did not need to look bad in front of your friends?


You know, your evaluation of the situation is different than you thought but you continue to maintain your position despite the fact that you know you might be wrong. We learn to withstand certain people and come to assume that what they say should be doubted. They were wrong before why should I trust them now? What exactly are we resisting when we’re resisting? It’s our emotions. And once we do, we don’t recognize it as gripping tightly to the feelings we’re experiencing. There’s very little awareness that is what we’re doing.

We withstand most emotions and therefore are reluctant to release them. Picture the individual prepared to jump out on his first parachute effort. As he grips into the overhead bar he wants to pump up his courage to let go. There’s an emotion of fear that if it wasn’t present at all, he would leap freely. This illustration is logical and easily understood but there are a lot more subtle resisted emotions. Consider your friend who may think of herself as otherwise brilliant but has come to believe she’s not good enough or deserving enough to be happy. Every belief you have even the most subtle decisions you made about yourself, others and life in general, are drawn so to speak with an emotion. It’s what holds the belief set up.

La question est de savoir pourquoi.

The law of attraction clearly indicates that energy precedes everything. Thoughts, rather small’things’ are a sort of manifestation in the physical world of the present moment. The present moment that you appear to be experiencing is similar to a light bulb shining brightly as long as it’s on. It may only be noticed at the present moment; since that’s the only time you may go through the light being on. When the energy isn’t moving to the vortex of today, energy intersecting with the audience, there’s absolutely no light.

The only proof that light exists is at the present. Your feelings are similar to the energy and they’re given rise by your intent. Our feelings range in the higher end, happiness, joy and bliss, to the lower vibrations of grief, hopelessness and powerlessness. The cells in the human body are healthy when they experience no resistance to their normal growth, where they’re free. This is why joy and joy is the best conditions for success. Life is a procedure in a vibrational universe constantly moving in the direction of least resistance, towards what we give our attention to. Our natural instinct is to exist, hence we seek better feelings.

Nous avons besoin de plus de liberté

Nous recherchons le plaisir car c'est un meilleur sens, aucune résistance à la croissance. Lorsque nous résistons ou sommes dans une attitude de résistance, nous nous éloignons du bonheur et de la liberté. Ce vers quoi nous nous concentrons, nous l'avançons car à cet instant, c'est le chemin de moindre résistance. C'est le merveilleux cadeau de la liberté de la volonté et de la liberté de trouver le bonheur et la joie. Chacun possède la capacité de choisir intentionnellement, à tout moment, les idées qu'il a. Chacun peut choisir d'avoir des idées plus sensées sur tout et n'importe quoi.

Personne n'est lié à moins de le croire. Les croyances limitatives transmises au cours de la vie ressemblent à des idées de sentiments, mais chacun a la liberté de rechercher délibérément des idées de sentiments meilleures et plus joyeuses, un choix qui appartient à tous. Nous avons appris très tôt, à tort, que ce sont des choses extérieures aux gens qui nous rendent heureux et, bien sûr, malheureux aussi. En effet, tout l'assortiment d'émotions a été déterminé de cette manière et a été raisonné et transmis d'une génération à l'autre. Il y a ceux qui enseignent que nous sommes indignes d'éprouver beaucoup de plaisir.

And that we ought to resist those who preach differently. If one were to have a listing of all of the items they dwelled on in their mind each day they would be amazed at how many diverse items come up. If you could record the emotional vibrations you could see exactly what the average reading was, including which reduced scaled emotions dominated daily. That resistant thinking on a daily basis requires a toll on your energy and wellness. When we start to observe the things we’re emotionally resisting we can start to comprehend the emotions that exist. And if those feelings are tied to limiting beliefs we can consciously decide to release them.


Il n'y a pas d'émotions à changer, mais simplement la volonté de relâcher l'emprise que nous avons sur elles. La lenteur à devenir bon en quoi que ce soit est une résistance psychologique. La résistance psychologique à l'échec ralentit le mouvement vers le succès. On ne triomphe pas en évitant l'échec ; il faut simplement se concentrer sur le sentiment de réussite. En vous concentrant sur les pensées qui procurent un sentiment supérieur, vous constaterez un changement immédiat dans votre propre expérience. Il y a une énorme mine d'or de signification ici, car elle s'applique à chaque domaine de la vie. Amusez-vous avec la question. À cet instant, la vie commence un processus de changement passionnant.